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What Do You Think of My 4 Day Split?

im newish to weight lifting and have been following a full body routine for 3 months and feel ready to move onto a split routine what do you think of this one??


Leg Press
Leg extension
SL Deadlift
Ham curls
Standing calf raise
Ab work

Military Press
Upright Row

Chest/ Tris
Bench press
incline bench press
cable flies
Skull crushers
Tricep cable pushdowns]

Lat pull downs
Chin ups
DB Rows
Hammer curls
decline curls
Preacher curls

It’s a good beginners one for sure. What about reps and sets?

3 sets of 8. I was told on a different forum (mens health) to stick to a full body routine as i aint been lifting long enough what do you think mate?


anyone help??

[quote]john_smith123 wrote:
3 sets of 8. I was told on a different forum (mens health) to stick to a full body routine as i aint been lifting long enough what do you think mate?[/quote]

BaHAHAH Men’s Health actually? If your looking to get bigger stay away from Men’s Health. I’m not trying to bring them down just saying they have “different” goals than some one trying to add mass.

Like I said your split is pretty good for a BEGINNER to use. Just to let you know shrugs are not for your shoulders they hit your traps.

Another thing when I first started lifting I started with splits first. So someone telling another that they are not “ready” for them is bogus in my opinion.

thanks fuzzy the people on that were full of shit sometimes. Basically if u hadnt been lifting for 2 years u should be on a full body. what the fuck!!

yea i know shrugs hit the traps i thought thatwould be ok for a shoulder day. yea well i am a beginner but just one other thing mate how do you know when to move onta a more advanced workout? how long should i follow this for?

I personally think you have way too much shit going on for one day. You should be doing less exercises with high intensity. I’ve been in your situation before and the best thing for you (I feel) would be an upper/lower split with the one upper day consisting of a heavy horizontal and vertical press and pull and arm movements and a light day. Also with two lower body days in the same fashion heavy/light.

I’ve made good progress in that order TBT, Upper lower and now a 6 day split where I hit every muscle group twice. I’ve managed to put 30 pounds on in 2 years while staying at 8% body fat (also having to come back from rugby injuries). I feel once you get a little more experience and stronger you can move over to a more traditional split. That’s just my opinion though.

If you want examples, I have typed up excel sheets that I’d be more than happy to send over to you.

thanks mate that would be great can u PM them to me

do it in your own time mate dont put yourself out at my expense cheers

Ya I bet there were like that! LOL Ya I’m going to do a full body workout for 2 years! see you there Men’s Health.

What are you goals by the way?
These are general questions
Time lifting:
*not a big deal if you do not know

In MY opinion (everyone has different ones) I would suggest giving your program here a good run such as 2-3 months even longer if your not stalling in the weights. You can switch up exercises from time to time such as every 3-4 weeks not every day, if you know what I mean. If you haven’t done anything like this before you will see gains pretty quickly. But those gains don’t just come from lifting you have to EAT to gain. IF your goal is to add mass to yourself that is.

Military Press
Upright Row

I persoanlly think this is a lot of shoulder. When doing chest your delts are used in lifts such as bench. If doing so much shoulders, such as what you listed, you may hinder your benching ability.

Shoulders Revised:
Workout 1:
Rear Delt Raises 4 x 12

Workout 2:
Military Press 4 x 8
Unright Row 3 x 10-12
Scarecrows 3 x 10-12 or Incline side-lying dumbbell delt raise 4 x 8-10. —Can’t forget about your rear delts!

Time lifting: 3 months full body (according to mens health should have been three years!!)
Height: 5ft 11
Weight: 12stone 2lbs
Age: 20

24kg dumbells as i do dumbell bench press

squat 60kg.

goals are to pack on muscle an get a bigger stronger body.

also play soccer at a high standard so not looking to get a massive body builder type body but a big muscular physique if you know what i mean

edit*** sorry if my goals seem a bit confusing

how long should my workouts be taking??

I would say about 45-1.5 hours long. If you go over say 1 hour that you plan to be out of the gym it’s not a big deal. People will say “ONLY ONE HOUR AND NO MORE”. I think it’s bunk to say that training over 1 hour will hinder results. Science say that it does hinder results but I’m sure it very minimal/unnoticeable.

But if you follow your program strictly you’ll see results in strength and mass gains. If you have any more questions PM me. I’ll let other comment now about your questions and concerns.

I’d throw in some deadlifts on your back day. (lower back) @ 5 reps. Even if the guys at mens health will tell you they’ll make your back implode.

another thing im not sure about is that if i have enough time in the week could/should i train body parts more than once a week. i.e. this will be my routine this week.

sunday - legs
monday - shoulders
wednesday - chest/triceps
thursday - back/biceps

could it then be

friday - shoulders 2nd time

could i do this or would this be overtraining???

Make sure your diet is sorted body weight in protein slowly increase carbs,thats where most poeple fuck up.
My saying is ‘theres no such thing as a supreme training regime just a great manipulation of diet’.
Basically as long as your doing somthing and feeling it,and eating to suit;you will reach your goals.
I wouldnt think about training shoulders for a second time yet,you normally train a part a 2nd time when your trying to ‘iron’ somthing out,remember alot of getting bigger/stronger is about the recovery.

il leave the second session then. my idea was to rotate the second session so one week chest/tris be trained twice next week back/biceps be trained twice and so on anyway if u say not to bother i wont thanks

[quote]john_smith123 wrote:
3 sets of 8. I was told on a different forum (mens health) to stick to a full body routine as i aint been lifting long enough what do you think mate?[/quote]

I’d say that’s not completly wrong.

Charles Poliquin usually says to begin a workout with a squat/deadlift(/lunge?) variation, then do your split routine. In fact, that’s what I do, and that’s working for me until now. It’s a full body routine, with focus on different parts of the body, allowing the others to rest.

What I see also, is that you have a lot of exercises, isolation ones, from different angles.
For bi’s, curls and curls and curls… My opinion, do one-two of them hard, then keep the others for rotation during the other weeks. Less fatigue, more motivation and recovery in and for the gym, best final developpement.

Thoughts anyone?

StrongLifts 5x5 helped me a lot when I began.

That’s a balanced, intelligent routine, easy to follow too. And it helps to master the basics, just read the blog…

Could you train tuesday?so train sun,mon,tue,wed then the three days will be a good recovery time.Chances are you will be more hyped for training then aswell. Like I say dont consider a second yet just master the basics you will get better gains,my oppinion is that training twice as a beginner;will just help you ‘burn out’ quicker (been there done it).
Any more questions post them on here will help you out.