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What Do You Think Of Isaac Nesser?



People always say he's FOS because he claims an 825 raw bench but has never entered a comp.

But he really is in the Guiness book of Records with a "muscular" 74 inch chest. For comparison Kazmaier had a 60 inch chest and a 661 raw bench. Reinhoudt had a 66 inch chest and 600 raw bench.... So whether or not he is stretching the truth any on his bench, he really is huge.

His workout is very different. He claims he'll do the same exercise for 8 to 10 days straight training for 4 to 6 hours a day and then take 2 or 3 days off. And he's very adament about not using steriods.

I'd like to believe he's for real. I'm sure someone will reply how much he's FOS, etc. He might be.

Anyway I wonder what people think of that workout? 8 to 10 days straight for 4 hours plus. I think the body is capable of adapting to such extreme stress if given enough time. I suspect such a workout might actually work best not that I have any plans on lifting for that long each day.


Even without his claimed workout, possessing a 74 inch chest would require some fairly blessed genetics, with his claimed workout structure and no gear usage...I don't want to say it's impossible, but if everything is true it'd be pretty frickin amazing.


I am looking for a picture of Isaac with his legs. Also where can I see a profile of bill kazmier. I see you said he has a 60 inch chest. I would like to see this. I have bill as my home page http://kazmaier.150m.com/KAZ.html


From that picture he looks like he has a massive bone structure. I wouldn't follow his routine, he obviously has some different genetics going on there.


He's come a long way since inventing gravity


He seems a bit full of himself...


Hell you tell him!

Man his bone density must be like a Norse God's