what do you think about this?

Try this…

  • -30 min prior to workout: Take 5iu HGH (OR PEPTIDES) subq
  • -15 min prior to workout: Take 6-16iu Novalog subq
  • -10 min prior to workout: Drink shake #1
  • -After every working set: Sip on shake #2, and finish by end of workout
  • -Go home
  • -Take 50mcg of the IGF-1lr3 (for it’s insulin sensitizing effects)
  • -Take down shake #3

Shake 1: 10-20g EAA’s or PeptoPro, 40-60g Low DE Maltodextrin, 5g Micronized Creatine Monohydrate, 200mg Caffeine (or pre-workout powdered mix of choice in place of caffeine)
Shake 2: 10-20g EAA’s or PeptoPro, 50-100g Dextrose, 5g Micronized Creatine Monohydrate
Shake 3: 2 cups pasteurized egg whites, 1 cup dry oats, 1 banana or 1 cup blueberries (I prefer them to be frozen), splenda or stevia
*There is no need for a supplemented post workout shake because your glycogen will not be depleted, and you will have been ingesting aminos the whole time too. So dense whole food calories with low fat content, are going to be the best option here. So we throw it in a blender and take it down.

did some body try this or something like this?
In days when Im not going to the gym-what then?

Guy wrote: In the morning take 5 iu GH or PEPTIDES (which one? maybe GHRP 6) or?

thnx for unswers