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What do You Think of FINiBAR?


The article is a joke, hardly ANY information on it.
What are your experiences with it??
With the recent price cut it is now in my price range.


I've been a big fan of them for a while. Then again, this is the case with most Biotest products.

I originally ate one before training, but I've increased to 2 based on CT's para-workout nutrition ideas and seem to be having better, more consistent workouts, not that I ever thought my workouts were poor or inconsistent in the first place.

Strangely enough, I've also been getting leaner even though I haven't made any other changes.

I plan to incorporate the rest of CT's para-workout plan once I get my next order from Biotest.


How do you chow down on a bar during a workout? seems like it would be tough to do, I assume these aren't big bars or that chewy


I like them.

I use them on days where my workouts are going to end with a 3 mile run (twice a week) and also when I plan to increase the intensity as well.

I also like the fact they feel light in my stomach, I have no issues with nausea or puking when I am pushing myself too hard.

30 bucks a box now, try one. No harm if you do.


I used them according to CT's protocol, so it's before training, although I don't see why it would be hard to consume them during training.


you're gonna get someone around here saying they don't like them!

you're much more likely to get "oh i've been following the recommendation in that article written by the guy who runs the company to eat 75 a day, it's really working great!"

not hating on Biotest products, merely the attitude of forum members towards them...


That's fine for you. I have to pay extra $27 for shipping and what ever tax and shit customs put on it.


If they drop the price like CT said(to about MD bar price) I'll definitely try them out. A box of bars is good to have around.


With a more affordable (and reasonable IMO) price, I ordered my first box on Thursday. Fedex says they'll arrive on Tuesday, just in time for squatting night. I'll let everyone know what I think shortly after.

I'll have all of the products listed in CT's protocol with the exception of Anaconda (dammit).