What do you think of Centrum?

What do you guys think of centrum as a multivitamin for body builders?

They’re what’s called in the nutrition biz as bowl ringers – basically they pass thru the system intact. Case in point – about 5 years ago, I had my first flare up of colitis (not related, but stay with me). So I had a pelvic x-ray done. Mind you, this was 3+hours after taking my (you guessed it) Centrum multivitamin. There it was, intact, showing on the x-ray. Scary. Look for something that breaks down much faster. Myself, I take NutriLite now, all plant based, and they break down in water in 5 minutes.

Horrible. Your’re wasting your money.
USANA’s the only way to go.

yo!..thanks man that was a quick reply…Nutrilite you say…? where did you get it at (Online, Gnc, Vitamin World,etc)?..Thanx again man that must have been weird ass s**t seeing that there on the xray…peace

Is putting a multivitamin in a glass of water a good way to test the efficiency of a multi? I’ve been wondering if mine are any good. I take Quest Premium.

USANA, who are they are where are they avalible…oh what makes them so good?

Tell me ppl,why does the brand of the multivit matter? Cuz last time,I bought HEB brand multivit.The others seem sooo expensive.

Usana seems to be decent stuff, but keep in mind it’s one of those legal pyramid things, multi-level marketing to be exact, and that those singing its praises are mainly wanting you to become distributors so they’ll get a kickback, like Amway. Not saying that the quality is poor, but just providing info about the business of Usana. Advocare is the same.

Shit. I’m taking Centrums right now. Would smashing them up help it work better? I don’t really want to throw’em away.

All multivitamins are inherantly flawed due to how some nutrients inhibit anothers absorption etc, CNP’s (Dorians own)Pro vital tried to get around this by having a AM and PM formula, but looking at the label they still but things like calcium and Iron together, but at least there heading in the right direction.

That’s why I chew mine before washing it down with a glass of water…

I put one of my Centrum in a glass of warm water this morning. It broke apart into a billion pieces in only a few minutes. I find it hard to believe that it would remain whole in one’s gut for hours if it starts dissolving in water immediately.

NutriLite was a division of the Amway corporation (now Alticor). Their vits are definitely high quality, and you do pay for that quality. Read up on their stuff – farming techinques, pharmaceutical standards, etc. Yes, I am a Quixtar Independent Business Owner (I’m not going to go into any explanations here), but I will not try to get any one involved into that sort of business off a discussion board. I’d recommend checking out the Quixtar site, and contacting the corp to find an IBO in your area that will take you on as a customer or member (pays a little less for products). If that person tries to pressure you into the business, find another one (you are not tied to that person). The only time ANYONE should even invite you into that sort of business is if YOU express interest first.

I can only report what I saw. I think I still have those x-rays around somewhere. I never tried to dissolve a Centrum in a glass of water, so I can’t speak to what they do.

although there will probably be some absorbtion issues, i just bought twinlabs 1aday, have heard its pretty solid… also not sure why any guys here bring up iron. Its basically toxic in non vegetarian men.

How about GNC’s Mega Man ?

I know zip about multi’s…


I know I’m going to get flamed,but what about GNC store-brand (e.g. megamen)?

centrum makes my urine really yellow, almost green. I don’t notice a drastic color change with other vitamins though.

I used to use GNC’s Ultra Mega Gold, which is basically their most potent multi. It was way overkill. When I ran out of them and started taking another brand which had much smaller doses of vitamins in it, I immediately felt better, more energetic. I can only attribute it to overdosing by taking the Ultra Mega Gold.

I’ve also heard that Purity’s Perfect Multi received very high ratings as a well absorbed and balanced formula.