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What Do You Think is a Strong JM Press?


I just started doing them a few months ago, is 110% of bodyweight, for 8 reps good? bad?


Does it matter at all? If you were competing in powerlifting it might, but this is the body building forum.

The only thing that matters is that it is making your triceps bigger and stronger. Keep lifting more and more weight on the exercise so that you can grow... It doesnt matter if it is 10 pounds or 500 pounds, whatever weight allows you to target the muscle BEST for growth.


This would probably generate a similar reaction in the PL forum. Doesn't matter how much weight you're using on an assistance lift as long it is helping your main lift which is in this case the bench press.


Pretty much what these guys said^^^

Same applies to almost any exercise. Don't get so caught up in comparing your assistance lift numbers to other peoples' that you throw form in a ditch and fuck up your joints, or don't reap maximal results. Be smart dude.




Johnmark Blakely, originator of the JM Press, did 540x3........that's a strong JM press. ha


yes ... yes it is


LOL, and I watch his instructional video,


Ken Patera had monstrous numbers too.