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What Do You Think - Age 19










The same as in the top, just larger


dude 39 centimeters is 15 inches, not 19.


Thx, my fault :slight_smile:


Yeah all your other conversions were correct so I assumed it was merely a typo.


youre only 8 pounds heavier? i fucking hate you short people.


He's about 5'10". That does not qualify as "short", more like "normal" unless metric conversion isn't your strong suit.


I don't really see that much IMPROVEMENT to be honest (angle of original pic, pose, etc) but you have a very good build (more of the fitness /muscle model frame rather than bber)
6/10. What are your goals now?


Nice looknig physique, posted required photos and some measurements as well, good work? How have your lifts changed over the past 2 years.


Nice work keep it up


Nice work!


i didnt see that. he just looks MUCH bigger than 8lbs heavier to me. he looks like he basically went from someone who didnt lift to someone with considerable size. how you do it in 8lbs blows my mind unless he really knows how to work a camera.


Keep it up.


looking a lot more solid than start pics, well done. Keep it up.


Need to know... what do you do for chest...? and back? (nice V-Taper)


Good job man.


He gained 26lbs not 8.

You aren't 15-17%.

Your arms are 19", really?