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What Do You Think About This Split?


I'll be doing the 4 day split. Looking to gain lean body mass.



Looks retarded. Do you really want to do squats after leg presses? Then you're going to do leg curls (no big deal) and then leg extensions? Why would you split up the quad exercises? It seems like the program does this a lot.


Also, maybe you can, but I wouldn't be able to handle so much stress on my shoulders on chest/shoulders/triceps day. 3 big presses and accessory work?

Either way, it's up to you, man.


Give it a whirl and report back. Let us know how it worked for ya.


I don't like the fact that you are basically doing an ABA-BAB with upper body and legs only get one day a week period. I would prefer to split chest-tris-delts up a bit and hit everything once a week. 1: Chest-bis, 2: legs, 3: off, 4: back, 5: delts-tris sounds better to me. (or something similar)


yes, I would def do the squats first on leg day. I will probably do a little tweeking to it....which is exactly why I posted it here. thanks fellas for the inputs!