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What Do You Think About This Routine

Hi, I am now posting a routine I just designed. It’s something I feel like doing and I want to get some feedback from the more experienced guys.

Day 1: quads + shoulders (with rear delt)
Day 2: harmstring + back + bicep
Day 3: pec + triceps + calves

It is designed so I can work on the 3lifts while chasing some hypertrophy. What I am writing may be totally stupid

Day1: front squats 55
push press 5
tri-set lat raise 38 rep
front raise 3
8 rep
dumbell hammer press 3*8rep
lunges 3-4 8rep
rear delt 3

Day2: deadlift 55
weighted chin-up 5
low triangle row 48
leg curl 3
bicep 38
Deadlift 5
weighted chin-up 55
chest-supported row (wide grip) 4
low triangle cable row 38-10
Lat exercise (suggestion for a secondary lat exercise?)3
leg curl 39-10
bicep 4

Day3: bench press 55
incline dumbell 3
pec-deck 312
triceps dips 4
decline skullcrusher 38
cable triceps pushdown 3
calves 3*15

I dont need alot of biceps work as I feel they are taking too much of the load when working my back. I am not sure what to do with my back

You just wrote what you’re doing with your back!

How’s this… for everyone asking, “is this routine good”?

Follow the damn routine for a month or more! Check if there is progress in muscle mass and performance. If the program didn’t work, it’s shit! If it worked, it’s good!

Chest + triceps
Back + biceps
Legs + shoulders

Calves & abs every other day.

Try to have some kind of periodization in sets and reps.

For example:

Week1: 2x15
Week2: 3x10
Week3: 4x8
Week4: 6x6 / 5x8

Cba to look all your exercises and such through. But 3-4 exercises for big bodyparts and 2-3 for smaller.

[quote]Bricknyce wrote:
If the program didn’t work, it’s shit! If it worked, it’s good![/quote]

Yeah, but chances are it’s NOT the program. You and I both know that.

Sign up for workout critique with me if you want the real deal.

[quote]jasmincar wrote:
What I am writing may be totally stupid

then why are you writing it?

This is a routine I just created 3hours ago. I didn’t start it yet. I designed with what I would like to do in mind. From my knowledge of resistance training I think it’s a decent routine, but I wanted to know if it made sense in your opinion. I did my share of reading but I know some of you got more knowledge than me so I would like to get your comments.

Like, I don’t know: ‘‘change this set/rep to this one, It will avoid this’’ ‘‘do this instead of this, it will make your training more balanced’’

For periodization: I switch routine with different goal every 4-5 week.

[quote]Bricknyce wrote:
Sign up for workout critique with me if you want the real deal. [/quote]

Is this a joke or what?
I didn’t know there was a workout critique on T-Nation. Who’s reviewing.

and lankymofo saying ‘’ Bricenyce we know the workout is not the problem’’ what are you insinuating? how can you judge my intensity in the gym and my nutrition?

I wont start to brag on my dedication but I am. so write something constructive about my routine or if you can’t lift more than 300/400/500 piss off