What Do You Think About This Program?

Hello. I want to share my mass gain program with you. Share oppinions.

front squat 2x3
lunges - 2x8 - with added weight
leg press - 2x12

crunches - 2x3 - with added weight
full contact twist - 2x8
leg raises 2x12 - with added weight

deadlift - 2x3
one leg deadlift with dumbell - 2x8 - with added weight
good morning - 2x12


Chin ups- 2x3 - with added weight
one arm rows - 2x8
barbell rows - 2x12

benchpress - 2x3
dumbell benchpress - 2x8
dips - 2x12 - with added weight

behind neck shoulder - 2x3
helicopter - 2x8
reversal - 2x12

Forgot to mention that i play these two days twice a week with a 2 days rest between one day.