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What Do You Think About this Cycle?

Hey so I’m starting a new cycle soon
I was wondering if I could get some honest feedback and if you would agree with my PCT.
this is what I’m thinking.

Test E 500mg per week for 14 weeks
Deca 200mg per week (I’ll try this for up to 6 weeks to see how my body deals with it and if it works for me I’ll up it to 400mg per week) and stop at 12 weeks
Dianabol 30-50mg per day for 4 weeks
Arimidexed 0.5mg every 3 days

PCT 3 weeks after last injection
1500iu hcg every 3 days for 4 weeks
Then 20mg nolvadex everyday for 4 weeks

If you have any changes let me know my biggest worry is getting my PCT 100% done the right way as for the cycle I’m pretty set on it but open to other suggestions

I appreciate everyone that can help me out with this

2 comments from me:

  1. if you want to find out how you react to nandrolone why don’t you run NPP for a first cycle instead of Nand Deca? If you react poorly NPP will clear your system in about 1/3-1/4 of the time ND will.

  2. why increase? I increased my first nandrolone cycle after about 4 weeks and in retrospect, especially with it being my first nandrolone cycle, I’m not sure I gained a ton from going from 245 to 350 mg/wk. I know you’re talking about a bigger jump but I’m a huge fan of making the most out of the least to promote longevity.

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Yeah I get what you’re saying about running NPP over deca I have used NPP before and thought I would try something new and I already bought it all

I actually agree with what you’re saying about the longevity as well. I might run 200mg and then if I’m not happy with the results and my body is doing ok handling it I’ll consider upping the doses

Any recommendations on the PCT though?


Mind you, I’ve not run a cycle and not done a pct, but my understanding is that hcg isn’t to be run during pct. Hcg though kickstarts your natural
Test production it’s still suppressing your natural LH production.

If I were to do it, I think I’d start the hcg on the tail end of the cycle so that I run out a week or so before I plan to start the pct. Dose might be a bit excessive, but I don’t know enough to comment further there. I’ve read on here that a lot of guys are seeing good results from a longer pct of 6 weeks. So you might think about dividing up the last 2 weeks of nolva 20mg/day and run 10mg/day for twice as long.

Mainly thoughts for discussion, a bit of a trend I see in pct is lower doses for longer times. Stretching the process out a bit, even with the hcg, I think a longer run of say 2000iu/week than a shorter one of 3000iu/week would be better, but I’m just speculating. Obviously there’s a point of diminishing returns, and maybe I’m just talking out my ass, but at least it comes from the heart.

Hopefully someone more experienced will chime in later

I would layout the oral and PCT slightly different. Start dbol last two weeks of cycle. Run two weeks into PCT ‘off period’. Start HCG after last injection at 250-500/iu EOD. Start nolva as you advised, 4 weeks after last pin.

@iron_yuppie Your thoughts? I know you like orals at the end of the cycle. If i were still a PCT guy I would use it as a partial bridge.


Ah ok, so this isn’t your first “rodeo” with nandrolone. I would imagine that you would react more or less the same to either ester. Scratch what I said.

Ok, no reason to adjust deca dose. Really doing it the way you wrote it would probably increase the chances of a reaction. Pick one dose and stick to it. If you are worried then pick a lighter dose and stick with it.
If you are still worried then save the deca for when you can run a DHT with it. That DHT can be as simple as proviron.

For your HCG usage. Someone might have already said it, I didn’t read all of the comments. The whole ultimate end goal for PCT is to get our bodies to produce thier own “hcg”. It’s more complicated than that but that is the very basic way of looking at it. So using HCG during PCT is counter productive. You can use it right up to PCT and usually that is what guys do, just do not overlap it. Really what you have written out is the old schools method but just not timed properly. The method is basically just BLAST it right before PCT for a few weeks to kick the boys back on. Since you will most likely do a version of this I would say a bigger first dose just to make sure you get the boys attention. After that your second dose might still be a bit higher than the steady dose you choose to run.
With this methods you can run it the last week (s) or so of the cycle. I would think that your four weeks of HCG usage should get the boys going well and that should roll into PCT nicely. Then again everyone is different and I am not a doctor.

Other than that, you didn’t specify the dbol at the beginning or end of cycle. Given everything I would think you will be going at the beginning.
You should have a good cycle, even if you hold back on the deca until you have a DHT to run with it.

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I think the idea with hcg timing is a cycle generally will suppress your pituitary which leads to your testicle being suppressed.

So with no hcg ya got 2 depressed organs that are dependant on each other in the feedback loop.

You take HCG at the end of the cycle and you get the testicles working again so you stand a better chance for when everything clears out.

I believe thats the idea. Pretty sure suppression primarily starts with detection at the pituitary and through the suppression of your gonadatropins out of it your testicle shrink.

So you want to leave the cycle with one organ starting to come back online. Instead of waiting for both to struggle through that.

One of you guys can probably make corrections to that and explain that better.

Yeah like nowicare said. HCG is almost identical to bio fsh and taking HCG is still going to keep your pituitary suppressed which your cycle is also doing.

Get the balls online at the end of the cycle. While your still in the gear. Then you stop the HCG when you stop the gear and you start your PCT. Because the idea is the pituitary and the testicles both have to work. And HCG will continue to suppress your pituitary.

It is a LH analog.

If it is me, I would just run the HCG between the last gear pin and the start of the PCT. HCG has a half short life and clears quickly. Doing it this way keeps E2 lower while on high test, and gives the testes a big bolus of stimulation right before getting the pituitary going. Just what I would do if I did PCT.

Your post overall is solid.