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What Do You Think about this Combination?


i started doing kayak sprint in a school of the chilean federation in chile almost a year ago, i play rugby too and i am a green belt in taekwondo do you think that all this activities will stunt my growth?








Yes it will guaranteed. It will also with out stop the growth of your penis by a full 20%... Activity is one of the worst things a growing human being can do. You need to stop all of that and of it doesn't involve pink dumbbells or X Cubes Station 4s you shouldn't do it.


young teen with english not as a native language...may not realize you're joking lol


Hahaha I dont know why but that would be funny


It's so amazing that you'e doing all that stuff! Good job!




yeah i can see it my dick is very short when i'm paddling and when i play rugby and too when i lift weights jajajaj i didnt notice your post sorry jajaj