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What Do You Think About This Brock?

Well find out the ufc is counting on this one event too much , its been one disappointment after another, any sites with play by play , i dropped cable just want results, and now ufc.com want me to join fight pass just to get fight results?

That was a referee stoppage right?


One thing that we can get from the Lesnar win is that he is absolutely not ready to fight anyone close to his own size who can actually strike and defend takedowns. We all know now that Lesnar has not been secretly working on his striking over the past 4 1/2 years.

This is probably my favorite wrestling highlight:

I can’t even imagine trying to suplex a 400+ lb man, let alone pulling it off at the Olympics.


What do I think about this Brock?

I think he’s pretty damn funny. "Brock Lesnar: UFC Fighter Says ‘We Will Get to the Bottom of This’ " LMFAO

Mark Hunt is pretty funny too if I understand the situation right. The UFC gave Lesnar a by on the PEDs test which basically means they knew he would test positive. Since it is so obvious everyone, including Mark Hunt, knew he was on drugs. Therefor, he knew going into the fight Lesnar had been using and he still agreed to the fight.

Here is where my understanding of the situation gets a little sketchy. Is it correct that WADA heard the news about Lesnar not getting tested by the UFC so they stepped in and tested him? Now with the failed test, Mark Hunt is pretending he didn’t know Lesnar was on and is going for half of Lesnar’s purse?

Hope he gets it too, the general public think if they took peds they could be elite athletes , i could do 3grams a week have a batting coach and not hit a major league pitch. Lesner would have beat him anyway, at the elite level everything counts. If Lesnar would practiced striking the last 5 years but he didn’t, maybe he thinks that because of trt ban he can run through division , he is wrong. He can’t take down Cain at will, like mark and can’t bang with him . He is still walking out with a seven digit check.

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We know Brock had no win bonus. Did Hunt have a million dollar one?

The only reason Hunt takes this fight is for money anyway. Its the same reason McGregor wants Diaz or shudder Mayweather instead of defending his belt. Shit, I’d ask for more money too if I was him. He’s over 40 and approaching retirement anyway.

Like Rogan says who is on trt also, peds allow you to inflict more damage to another person, so Hunt may plead he was more at risk fighting non tested Lesnar.

If it’s kosher for the UFC to pretend they didn’t know Lesnar pissed positive, then they can’t complain when Hunt pulls the same stunt and goes for Brock’s half of the purse. Turnabout is fair play and it’s could be a profitable move for him.

Good point…19,20

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Here i go again with what Brendan Shuab said on fighter and kid, i love the show and as former ufc fighter Brendan’s got a real good scoop on what is going on, Mark said in several interviews that he knows Lesnar is going into fight( juiced to gills), so with that statement he knew what he was getting into, lets face it Mark has bad ground game, he will never be a champion in ufc , the elite will get him on ground and play with him, and Brock (the vanilla gorilla ) even though he’s got fast twitch muscles, huge hands, can’t finish a lot of guys , you can lift all the weight practice all the striking you can’t learn speed or knockout power. When Chuck Liddell is 55 dont workout any more, he will still be able to knock most people out.

LOL…what a freaking dense comment. Do you know how much leverage that Mark Hunt has in the UFC? Just about ZIP! Do you have any idea why Lesnar was given a pass? Of course you do. Lesnar is the single biggest draw in UFC history. He along with Bones Jones and GSP have made Dana White and Company more money than anyone else.

Mark Hunt on the other hand is a low level grunt who has, perhaps another one maybe two years left at best based on age. And during that time he will probably get batted around. He is also a one trick pony. If he catches someone with a strike they might go down, other than that he brings nothing to the sport.

Do some reading next time BEFORE you post and sound like a knuckle head…again Aragorn.