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What Do You Think About This 4 Day Split?


I read an article on T-nation “the 11 body part split” for Chris Colucci

am considering to follow this 4 days split:
day 1: back( deadlift 4x6 lat front pulldown 3x8 lat rear pulldown 3x8 seated row 3x8 back seated machine 2x10 hamstring curls 4x8 traps 4x8)

day2: chest and triceps ( bench 4x6 db press 3x8 incline bench 3x8 flyes 3x8 pullover 3x8, dips 4x8 extention 3x8 rope 2x10


day 3: quads and calves with chest and triceps ( treadmill 5 min, bench 3x8 dips 2x10, squat 4x6, leg press 3x8 , leg extention 2x10, calves 4x8, calves 2x10

day 4: delts and biceps and forearms ( db press shoulder 4x8, lateral raise 3x8, rear delts 3x8, front cable raise 2x10, biceps curl 4x8, hammer 3x10 concentration 2x10, forearms 4x8)

what do you think guyz about this routine note that my goal is to increase muscle mass and am natural lifter?


If u consistently do this routine every week for 4months while eating well with a slight surplus and getting around 8hours of sleep, u will put on muscle mass.

Edit: with progressive overload of course (goes without saying I hope)


I am curious how this has been going for you (if you tried it out?).

My initial impression is that 4x6 deadlifts on that split may be a bit too frequent for it to be sustained