What Do You Think About Taking Nebido (or Alt) After Age 65?

Hi all, just wondering if anyone has any information or experience with taking Nebido or other testosterone replacement after the age of 65, and into even older ages. Is it safe, effective, etc.? Any info is helpful. Thanks.

What is the goal here?

Do you have hypogonadism?

Jury is still out regarding the long term implications associated with high normal testosterone levels into old age. From what can be seen thus far it’s likely not the end of the world if approached from a clinically appropriate context.

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No, I don’t have hypogonadism.

I take it to stay in shape, keep my sex drive and energy high, and have a better quality of life. Right now I’m I’m 55 and taking it, and its great for all of those things.
I’m just wondering what the long term prospects are, and whether or not its something that can be done long term into older age.

So… Did you raise your testosterone levels from baseline?

Because using testosterone replacement to replace a normal level of testosterone is almost pointless unless you have decided to go from low normal to high normal


Regardless of age, you still need adequate levels of testosterone and low levels is strongly associated with an increases in all cause mortality.

All the studies show the benefits outweigh the risks.

Low T levels are also associated with chronic medical conditions such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes, dyslipidemia, hypertension, renal failure, frailty, malignancy, and cardiovascular (CV) events. Several meta-analyses and systematic reviews have clearly associated TD with increased CV disease and mortality.

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# Testosterone Controversies in Men’s Health: Lecture by Dr. Khera

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Yes, my testosterone was low normal and is now high normal, exactly.

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Great, thanks, I’ll read these tonight.