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What Do You Think About My Results?


Hi, I am asking this because my coach is paying more attentions to other lifters. At the gym where I'm training we all train equipped and my equippement is very old(it's 3 years old)someone used it before me so it's pretty beaten up.

My results at 64.5kg(142 pounds body weight):Squat - 192.5kg(424 pounds), bench press - 152.5kg(336 pounds) and deadlift - 195kg(430 pounds.)I am training regularly since February 2013. What do you think am I weak and not good enough for this? With this results how would I be classified? Thank you for reading this and expressing your thoughts.


Sign up for a meet and see how you compare to other people in your area.


Don't worry about it and just keep training intelligently. Your progress is just that, YOUR progress. If you know you've been training hard and doing everything you can to get better and stronger, than why question what you are doing?


Hey buddy never talk yourself out of anything or question it negatively before you have gone for it.. Although numbers do tell, only you truly know how your going to go. Back yourself, get into the gym and train with the mentality that you are going to place! Your numbers are pretty bloody good though.


Ummm. Those seem to be huge number for you class.


dont compare yourself to others, just become the best version of yourself.


Perhaps Coach believes you have a pretty good handle on your training/progress and with his time limited; other lifters need his attention more than you.


Thats some good results for that bodyweight! In Norway that would give you a gold medal in the Norwegian Championship! (IPF)