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What Do You Think about my Program


Hi, I’m 19 years old and I’ve been weigth training for about a year. Before that I did bodyweight strength training for a year. I started out with elliott hulses 5x5 program for about 5 months, then I went on jonnie canditos linear program for about 3 months and currently I’m on Christian Thibaudeaus Fixed weigth block program. My goals are to get as strong as possible on the main lifts (Squat, dead, bench, OHP, pull up, dip), and to gain as much muscle mass as possible. I don’t care for now about becoming shredded, all I care about is becoming big and strong. Also I really want to become good at creating my own programs. I’ve been researching lately alot and I’ve written down a program:

Upper/Lower split:

Upper day 1 - Heavy day
OHP - 6x3
Weighted pull up - 6x3
Z press - 3x5
Paused Weighted pull up - 3x5
Barbell curl - 50 total reps
Lateral raise - 50 total reps
Facepull - 3x12
Push up shrugs(for serratus anterior) - 3xAMAP

Lower day 1 - squat focused
Squat - 6x3
Paused deadlift - 3x5
Bulgarian split squat - 50 total reps
Pallof press - 3x12
Weighted decline sit up - 3x12

Upper day 2 - Hypertrophy
OHP - 4x8
Weighted pull up - 4x8
Close grip bench press - 4x8
Meadow row - 4x8
Overhead triceps extension - 50 total reps
Rear delt raise - 50 total reps
Facepull - 3x12
Push up shrugs - 3xAMAP

Lower day 2 - deadlift focused
Conventional deadlift - 6x3
Paused squat - 3x5
Pete rubbish style Hyperextensions - 50 total reps
Pallof press - 3x12
Weighted decline sit up - 3x12

Tell me what you think!


I think you need to think about a progression plan for your big lifts, first and foremost

I would also consider:

  1. Moving facepulls and push up shrugs (scap push ups?) to the start of the workout. I’m sure there’s a sciencey explanation that some kind boffin will fill in for me, but upper body work feels better after face pulls.
  2. Some kind of fast twitch training. A few simple sets of jumps before lower days would certainly be a start if you wanted to dip your toes in the pool.
  3. Some form of conditioning/work capacity/whatever you want to call it. Being able to run a marathon won’t move you towards your goals, but a certain base level of work capacity will allow you more quality sets.
  4. Loaded Carries: Try adding some in once or twice a week. This can be a challenge in commercial gyms, but the rewards are well worth it. This can be a big part of your conditioning work.

These are just a few suggestions to play with, the program will work just fine as written, assuming some kind of progression plan is in place, but have a play with some of them and see how they work for you.


Personally, I think there’s too much assistance. It’ll work if you’re committed and consistent, but you could do better.

Try something like

Main lift
Assistance 1 - big compound, higher reps (6-10ish between sets)
Assistance 2 - direct work 50 total reps
Assistance 3 - direct work 50 total reps

When that gets stale, add stuff like pull aparts between main pressing sets and push-ups between squats, etc. You can also superset your assistance two and three.

Don’t worry too much about progressing assistance work provided your main lift progression is well laid out.


For progression of the main lifts I was thinking to try and increase by 5 pounds each week, although I do realize that I would plateau quickly. The other thing I was thinking was to do 6x3 with 85% the first week, then 5x2 with 90% the second week, then 3x1 with 95% the third week and then one rep max the fourth, the fifth - deload and then repeating the cycle. Does that sound good and can you give me some suggestions as to how to progress the main lifts.


That actually sounds good. Don’t do the maxing out every fourth week though. Just go back to the start but add 5-10 lbs to the max you used to calculate that with and re-calculate your percentages, and then repeat the three week wave. It’ll pretty much equate to a 5-10 lbs increment to your working loads. Deload every seventh week.

For the assistance, just add weight whenever it starts feeling too easy.


Another thing I’m thinking I could do is the double progression metod - first week: 6x3, second week: 6x4, third week: 6x5, fourth week: increase by 5-10 pounds and go back to 6x3.


personally, I don’t think you need to do both supersets both days.

You could do the OHP/weighted chin up superset your first upper day, and the close grip bench/meadows row on the second.

There’s a few redundant exercises in there too. OHP and Z Press are doing pretty much the same shit, as are weighted chins and paused weighted chins. No need for both in the same workout in my opinion.


Sounds spot on to me. You’re good to go. Now resist the urge to complicate things, make small adjustments over time as you feel necessary. And consider starting a log.


Do one of these -similar but better…