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What Do You Think about My Levels?

Hey guys i am not cool with my trough level. Lab Work was made on the day of the next injection. I want to be in the upper range. currently on 125 mg test. Before i was on 200 mg and felt so good.

Total 650
Free 18 ng/dl

Probably need to go up a little, maybe 140 or 150, but without ranges…

ranges for total T is : 350-1150 (mine is 650)
Free T: 6 - 30 ( mine 18).

as i said on 200 i felt so much better. Thinking about switching to 200 mg. On 200 mg i should be pretty in the upper end.

If 200 felt so good, why did you cut the dose?
There is a universe of difference between 125 a week and 200 a week. That is not a small change.

i kno mate. But since every fucking body told methat 200 is not trt anymore blah blah i was like yeah maybe they are right. and now i feel like shit to be honest.

There are guys on 300 and still TRT. Just depends on you and where it puts your levels. Tell everybody else to shut up if they have nothing constructive to offer. Just my opinion there.
What were your numbers on 200?
I’m right at the top of the range at 200mg.

thats the problem mate. In europe trt is unknown. At least not like in the US.
So i do it on my own. To be honest i never testes my levels on 200 mg. Only hematocrit etc. hematocrit after 3 years on 200 mg was 50. I was cool with it. And then i made the stupid change reducing to 125 mg.

My levels on 200 should not be that high. At least i did not feel uncomfortable.
Only issue i had was my pulse beeing faster.
I will give it a try for 1-2 weeks and go higher. Maybe to 150 mg. Or do you think i should go to 200 again and then do a blood test after 4 weeks.

If you don’t like 125, go to 150 now and see what that feels like in a few weeks. You may find that you prefer a dose under 200 mg. I’m at 183 mg right now.

do you inject 200 at once or 2 times a week? i inject once and take o,5 ai after injcet and 0,25 3 days after.

yeah i could give it a try. only shitty thing is adjusting the ai dose.

I’m on twice a week, it doesn’t fit in one insulin needle - I use 27 ga 1/2". I can only get 250 mg / 2 mL here. I have been running no AI lately, but I’m going for bloods tomorrow to see where I’m at. My wife thinks that I look bloated so depending on numbers I might dose at most 1/8 of an anastrozole once or twice a week. 1/4 twice a week on 200mg dropped my E2 to less than 8. Made my elbows hurt when I benched.

[quote=“hardartery, post:11, topic:257611”]
eek on
[/quohow do you cut the anastrozole to 1/8? with alc?

I quarter it in a pill cutter and then free hand with a razor blade. It’s essentially powder at that point. It would be better to suspend it in alcohol and use a dropper, but I haven’t been using it so I haven’t been bothered.

much thnx mate for the infos.

You have to learn to not listen to people. Just absorb information and use it to make informed decisions. If someone is taking 250 and is out of range, feeling great and not having any side effects then guess what? Its TRT.

When I used Anastrozole and was cutting my 1mg pills to .125 I found the best way was I bought a “Gemini-20 milligram scale” (20g-0.001g) from Amazon for like $10. Then I could measure exact amounts so I knew exactly what I was taking. I found that even when I was cutting the pills with a razor blade and had them visually perfectly cut they weren’t exact and it was significant enough to effect the dose. I had no idea. The scale made it possible to take an exact dose each time. Plus it was so easy that it almost doesn’t make sense not to use a scale. After I dropped 15ish lbs I didn’t need the Anastrozole anymore. It actually crashed my E2.

I started at 220mg/week and had an increased heart rate and blood pressure which negatively affected my sleep and overall I didn’t feel ideal. I dropped to 185mg and that has been a much better dose for me. It still took about 2 months at the185mg/week before blood pressure and heart rate dropped to their current levels. So make sure when you go to 150mg you give yourself 6-8 weeks before you think about changing again.

yeah. I think i will go to 150 and and see what happens and how i feel. If i still feel bad i will go to 200. I know that with 200 my levels are definitely at peak around 1300-1500 but hey feel extremely good at it.

I would suggest 180 before 200. You want max benefit from minimum product.

yeah i know. I always feel the difference after the shot. But i think i will wait until week 4 to do a blood work.
A good idea with the scale. But how did you manage the powder. If you cut it too much a lot of it will be powder or not?

yeah thats right