What Do You Think About My Diet?

This is usually what I eat so I have good variety but I also feel sane and can workout and can sleep when I eat this:

  1. Morning: Half brown roll bread, 2 full eggs or 1/2 cup of beans, tea with milk and stavia
  2. Lunch: 1/2 cup of white rice and 220 g of chicken (breast, or thigh, or whatever left from the whole chicken)
  3. Dinner: 1/2 cup of milk with 1/4 cup of cereal and 1 tbsp of oat meal
  4. Snack: 1/2 cup of tuna or 220 gram of chicken or milk with chocco powder or 200 grams pasta with vegetables
  5. Pre-Bed: 1 scoop of Isolated Protein Shake

One workout day: I have pre-workout 1 scoop of Isolated Protein Shake and sometimes I skip the snack.
One or two cheat meals to up my calories to reach require weekly intake if it goes below my requirements or if I feel I need more foods to hit the weights.

My daily intake is suppose to be 1900-2100 calories for maintenance with additional 100-200 calories pre-workout days (I load myself then can hit the weight better, if I eat those additional one workout days, I become sluggish in my workout).

1000 mg of glucosamine sulphate (post workout)
1000 mg of fish oil (at night)
2.25-5 grams of l-alanine (at night)
3 gram of l-creatine (pre-workout)
5 grams of l-glutamine (pre-workout - I won’t buy more it is useless)
Vitamin D (doctor prescription)

Think you mixed up dinner and snack but to be fair that’s how my snacks actually look lel

Not much to say really enough protein, calories as per goal, “clean” foods, veggies, variety etc. Personally I’d need to throw in more tasty things to keep me sane. #Flexibledietlyf

If you can stick to it successfully and consistently then you’re in the right place with diet.

I throw in tasty things sometimes like the chocco milk as mentioned, or small tbsp of molten chocco with my fruits, or add sauces or skin to my chicken, etc and I cheat on bad food like fried chicken or mixed sauce waffles whatever is there when I am out, I will eat in moderate and add the calories calculation. I also forgot to mention I have some veges in my lunch.

Your diet seems to have a high proportion of saturated fats, besides a tiny bit from tuna.

Add some olive oil and walnuts to your diet. Think about supplementing fish oil.

You blind my dude?

1kg of Fish Oil right there lel

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I didnt read the supps list but olive oil should still be there and probably still need more than 10g of the other typr of fat depending on bodyweight.

There has been some error
I consume 1 tsp of olive oil every day with lunch but I am not consist with oil for a reason: I get a heart burn.
I also consume 1 g of fish oil (not 1000 kg) lol. I cannot handle fat from nuts, so I keep it minimal (although I would love to down a tbsp of peanut better)

Thanks guy

This is a low fat diet. There virtually no saturated fat in this diet.

Kenny Croxdale

I don’t see where I said there was.

EDIT: turns out chicken has a low amount of saturated fat, I was under the impression the fat from chicken was mainly saturated but it’s not. So the ratios are more balanced than I initially believed.


Low fat high carbs diets are out of fashion

I would get organic ground beef and salmon to add some fat instead of chicken.

Get a lot of vegetables with every meal, as in broccoli sauteed in olive oil with salmon for example. You can keep the rice but no need to eat as much.

Swap the meal with milk, pasta and cereal for that.

If you want a glutamine supp that really does something, go with one of the Alphaketoglutarate varieties. I use Arginine-AKG, but I’ll probably try a different one next time I order because arginine is pretty much useless.

AKG also has many more health benefits than just the fitness part. I study each of my supps on NCBI publications before I put them in the mix. Really good stuff.