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What Do You Think About Elitefts Lever Belt?

I bought the Elitefts lever belt on Black friday
Do you think this belt is usable?


Wait, so you bought before finding out if it’s any good?

The belt, sure. Your logic, not so much.

Black Friday was 2 weeks ago. Don’t you have this belt now? I would answer this by… you know… using it.

Elitefts shipping times have gotten abysmal. The company in general has been in a bit of a decline customer service wise.

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I own an EFS belt , buckle not lever. I really like it. Shipping this time of year is hit or miss from everyone.

Should be fine

What makes you think it’s not?

I know it’s not on the IPF approved list, but any non-insane fed should allow it and I have never heard bad things about EliteFTS products.

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How’s the multi-ply thing going? This forum is kind of dull lately, give us some inspiration.

what a hilarious question.

No, not usable. It will literally disintegrate upon removing it from the package. LITERALLY.


What do you think about elephants?

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they are grey a lot of the times. Probably most of the times. Sometimes they are white though, and are symbols of a particular type of gift exchange.

Also, elephants are big, and they have trunks. I think they have trunks because they have to pick things up off the ground like peanuts because they like to eat peanuts.

Does that answer your question?


Do you think it’s anything to do with the move they’ve been doing recently? I remember I bought some stuff off them around this time last year and there were no issues whatsoever.

I’ve been less and less impressed with their customer service prior to their move. I bought slingshot a while back, the scrollbar jumped on sizing and I ended up ordering the wrong size. I realized this upon reading the order receipt, before it even shipped. I called up their customer service, explained the situation and asked if they could make sure to send me the XL instead of the L. They told me they were dealing with a large order volume at the time and wouldn’t be able to change it. I told them fine, I’ll be canceling the order instead, because I don’t want a wrong sized slingshot. Suddenly they were willing to deal with me.

After that, I got a Prowler II. The third time using it, one of the bolts on the feet snapped off while I was pushing the prowler unloaded. I took photos, sent them to their customer service department and asked if this was normal for the prowler. Zero response. A week later, I re-sent the e-mail and asked if they got my first one. Zero response. At that point, I was done with them. I had been a loyal customer since 2008, bought their Basic Training Manual for $40 which was just all of their old articles printed out in a book, a bunch of hoodies, t-shirts, tanktops, a Texas Deadlift Bar and Power bar and a whole bunch of other crap and they didn’t even have time to answer an e-mail.

I still think Dave is an awesome dude and he’s done amazing things for strength sports, but elitefts got too big for itself.


Well shit, that sounds pretty bad. I’m not looking for any new kit at the moment but I’ll bear your experiences in mind when I am. Lucky Lifting Large seems to continuously deliver on the service side. Mike’s always been super helpful.

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It sounds like they have some lazy assholes working for EliteFTS. I don’t know if the message would get through, but maybe telling Dave Tate directly on YouTube or Facebook would get some results. I’m pretty sure that he wouldn’t be happy to know how certain employees are running his business.

I have been taking it easy since the last meet. Trying to get some gear changes into some that fit me the way it should. I’m still definetly enjoying it though. My joints have never felt better. Hopefully compete again around April. Alot of stuff going on with family, work, holidays and court so just taking it easy.


Just not drama I need in my life right now. My last purchase from them was in 2015 with the prowler. 3 strikes at that point, and since my shift to strongman I haven’t had much need for their products. But I’ve been observing more and more people with similar stories as time goes on.

Yeah, it was a while back too so it’s kind of late anyway. It would be good if news of this kind of stuff got back to Dave though, he has done a lot of stuff to help people over the years and doesn’t seem like the kind of person to stand for that type of shit. And anyway, it’s bad for business.

What numbers are you aiming for in your next meet?

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