What Do You Suggest with this Cycle?

Hello, this is my second cycle. First cycle being 600mg/week of Test Cyp alone for 12 weeks.

Need help deciding length(suggestions)
Would like to incorporate Tbol, Tbol because I’m trying to avoid a bunch of aromatizing issues
12 or 16 weeks of Test Cyp at 600mg/week?
5 weeks of Tbol at 50mg/day, through either week 11 to 16 or 7 to 12 depending on suggestion length.
Having Arimidex on hand throughout the cycle, possibly taking .25-.5 per week as a procautionary measure, would also like some input on this. I know most suggest only taking an AI when symptoms arise, but looking back on the test only cycle I had itchy/hard nipples many times and didn’t take any AI just because of my lack of knowledge on what exactly itchy nipples were and was in the heat of the moment, didn’t want to hinder results by messing with my estrogen if I was just overreacting.

Daily supplements include
NAC @600mg/1-2 a day
High absorption CoQ10 @100mg/day
Low Dose Aspirin @81mg/day
Optimized Curcumin @500mg/day

Thank you in advance!

If you can go test for 16 weeks without issues then that’s better than 12 weeks. Use the Tbol at the end to help push through those last few weeks and make the cycle really count. As for AI, listen to your body and if you need it you need it. The rule isn’t “always take an AI” or “never take an AI”, it’s “take an AI if you need it and don’t take it if you don’t need it”.

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This is basically the same blast I’m running, except tbol at 40mg at the end of the 16 weeks. Use the ai only if you need it.

I would do something like this (adjusted for your situation and what you can afford) ;
Run the test at your stated dose for 12-14 weeks then time the turinabol to overlap with the last two weeks of injected test. Then carry the turinabol two weeks past the end of test injections (that two weeks you wait to start PCT). You could even increase the turinabol dose slightly for those last two weeks.
My reasoning is I know that the whole “placebo effect” works on me. I know that when I add something in to a current blast then I will think to myself ’ I have this extra hormone in my system so I should be able to do extra weight, or sets." So if you are anything like me then timing the turinabol to carry you through your two week wait will end up keeping you pushing in the gym. Really those two weeks you will still have test levels higher than natural so there is no reason to not push to get something out of it, and if there is turinabol in there helping you, you will probably try just a bit harder.


I appreciate the feedback.

I also see where you’re coming from with the placebo affect type ordeal while on and off substances. Personally, I don’t know if I would be as comfortable taking substance during those few weeks where I already have the mindset of “Shouldn’t be on anything throughout these few weeks before PCT”, but I may give it a shot.

Thanks again for the reply

My platelets were high following last cycle. These are to attempt to prevent any bloodclots.

Those two weeks are for the enanthate or cypionate ester (or any long ester) to clear. It’s not necessary that you not taking anything. If you were using short esters like propionate only then you stop your shots wait a couple of days (1-2 half lives) then start PCT. Of you were using all no estered hormones like raw test and orals then you would stop, wait a day then start PCT.

Taking any oral during those two weeks of waiting will not mess with your PCT at all. That timing is all due to the half life of the estered used. Orals have half lives of up to 9-12 hours and that’s it. Enanthate has an accepted half live around 7 days up to 11 ( depending on what you read), cypionate is like an extra half day or so longer than enanthate.