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What Do You Suggest for the Lower Back?


Lower back is a very important muscle to take care of, especially in olympic lifting. Other than Reverse hyperextensions (where only the back is used, with no knee bend) what else do you suggest? From what I understand heavy deadlifting every week is not optimal because of the torque and stress it puts on the spine and hips.


I suggest a blend of back extensions (in this exercise you extend the spine, not the hips), reverse hypers, and, also some standing extensions with bands, done probably 4-5 days a week. I also recomend inverted hanging, done every day. I also recommend having your training partner walk on you for a few minutes every day, while you do your best to relax. I have a couple of friends who probably know more about this than I do, I will contact them and ask them to comment on this...


Inverted hanging? Do your liftrs (even shankl and north) use this exercise daily? I have heard of bulgarians, russians and chinese weightlifters use this technique. What equipment do you use to hang upside down?


Most of the guys I coach do at least a bit of hanging, some more than others. Shankle doesnt seem to like it. I do believe it helps though.