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What Do You Spend a Day (Tool)?


We've all done it before - you contemplate adding a small (or large) supplement to your regimen, but you wonder how much it'll cost you a day/workout. Then you do that a dozen times.

I spend an hour or so bored at college today making a decent spreadsheet that breaks everything I take down to cost per pill/serving and further into cost per day (for things I take multiple times). It sounds simple, but sometimes we can't be bothered blah blah blah why am I telling you this

If a few people want, I'll format it up so its usable by people who aren't me and you guys can just plug in the name/cost/how much you take and it'll tell you what you spend per day on stuff! Its awesome for trimming down or seeing where your money is going - even just budgeting concerns.

Lemme know brahs, also: I spend $2.42 per day on days I do not lift and $6.80 on days I do. Per week, given I lift 4 days a week my total expenditure is $34.46.


Go to File -> Make a Copy and have at it!

Lemme know of anything going wrong or any improvements you guys want, though I think its pretty straightforward.


Thats a good idea. Is it some sort of excel spreadsheet?
I would be interested in this.


Yeah, its an excel sheet. I might toss it up on Google Docs for simplicity, you guys can play with it in-browser.


Sounds awesome dude.


You may need to save a copy first, but I think you can modify it in your browser to see how it works first.
Also, remember to separate things you use on workout days separate from things you take every day - every day stuff is up top, workout days is down bottom. Reason is it only adds workout products by the number of days you lift per week. Also, I tossed some common Biotest stuff in the lifting parts to save you guys a few minutes plugging them in. Those are the buy 1 prices, not the discounted 2+ prices.


Pardon the double-post, reclarified and cleaned everything up.


Edited: Misread, thought you meant food, I thought you musta been Starvin Marvin to be eating only 2.42's worth a day.


I'm actually planning to add the store-bought food items I eat every day (I always eat the same homemade 6oz blend of nuts, the same bar, and a few other things lol). I'm not going to compute my meals (chicken etc) bc thats standard fare, I just want to know how much my "hobby" adds to my daily expenses :stuck_out_tongue:


At first I thought this thread was about a new Tool song.


just curious, where do you get these nuts/whats in it?

i went to the grocery store a couple weeks ago with the hope of buying some bulk nuts to make a trail mix type thing but only found relatively small and expensive packages.


Costco or any large wholesaler would do, even a supermarket sells stuff by the (expensive) pound. I got the idea from Dave Tate's bulking article - a 6oz nut bag is 850 calories if you get the right nuts. 1oz salted peanuts, 1 oz unsalted, 1 unsalted almonds, 1 oz unsalted cashews - and 1.5oz of peanut m&ms. if you buy a 1lb bag of everything and only eat it on weekdays, thats 850 calories every day for 3 weeks.


This is incredibly helpful, thanks!


np, I'm toying with it now to see what adding BCAA powder to my daily water gallon would charge me over the long run lol


You take alot of shit, lets see the bod.


Wait what? No thats a SAMPLE template lol I put all Biotest stuff in there just so it wouldn't get mod deleted for advertising other companies. I've used Biotest stuff and like it, just not all of it sits well with me.