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What Do You Set Your House Temp At?


Also where do you live.

Here we stay solid lower 90s typically in the summer, though like this week and some days upper 90's/100, 105 w/heat index.

We moved from renting (utilities included), kept house at 68*, which is perfect IMO.

now we moved and pay electric, so far keeping it 75* during the day while at work (dogs in the house), and 70* at night. Can't stand sleeping above 70.

I've read of some people keeping it 76-79* all the time. That's crazy to me. But depending on the bill, we shall see


We usually keep the AC at 76.

My art studio is in the basement which is quite chilly without AC.

  1. Get a fan.

If I put my thermostat on 68, my electric bill will be $800/month.


It hasn't really gotten hot here in the inland of San Diego county yet, so haven't ran the AC at all. Typically when it does get hot, maybe set it around 76 depending how hot it is.


74 FTW.

Close off rooms you don't use, spend more time outdoors so that 74 feels like Buffalo in January


74 to 76. Western PA is a good bit cooler than your region, but we hit the mid 90's yesterday.

Having a basement that can be crashed in during the heat is a nice feature. Aside from maintaining a relatively constant cool temperature with 3 walls below ground, it acts like a cold well when the AC is on.

My last 2 houses had a louvered vent on the air intake side of the furnace that would draw the air out of the basement and recirculate it through the house. That helped a whole lot, but the home inspector that checked out this one said that they are no longer allowed for some reason.

If they are allowed in your area, that could be a cool cost saving option.


Whatever my wife feels like that day.....


No central air for me...but I keep my air unit around 70. I can't sleep above 70 at all, usually once it cools down at night I keep a window fan directly on me and that keeps the sweating down. Right outside my door it has to be close to 98 in the hallway though. In the NY area myself though.



Higher than 72 is way to hot. A window unit in the bedroom works great for sleeping at night.


Anywhere from 69 - 74, its like 100 degrees in NYC, so my AC is gonna be pumping. My electric bill is fucked all the time becaue of it in the summer.

  1. I have a fan on my night stand to help, otherwise I'd sweat my ass off all night.