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What Do You Ride

We have had the drive thread, now for the bikers out there, what do you ride.

I need to get a photo of mine, and will post later. the thing is currently in pieces.

and any obvious jokes would be appreciated.

mine is a 98 GSXR 600, akraproich titanium full race exhaust, JMC braced swingarm, new paintwork, gilles rearsets (sexy), braded hoses, k and n filter, flat carb with race jetting and a new tail. Before i bought it it was putting out nearly 90 at the rear wheel which isn’t bad for the old girl.

But she is big and pretty heavy, would like to get something newer and maybe more streetfighter like, but i havent paid this one off yet.

I have come off twice, but thankfully at very low speed.

Exile cycles mad max chop


Here is my dads new toy (bought it a week ago). Its his first bike in 20 years needless to say hes pretty darn excited. As for me… well providing I get the summer job im hoping for im thinking a suzuki GSX-R750 or 600, or honda cbr 600RR or F4, or a yamaha YZF-R6 or YZF600R. Yep im undecided and all these bikes would be brand new or a year or two old new from the dealer. Any advice opinions on the bikes from you guys would be cool.

Kawasaki ZX6, Honda XR-600.

2004 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6RR (special race version of the street bike, ZX-6R).

Honda XR400

Twisted, that’s a sweet ride!

Buell X1 White lightening 2001, Harley Davidson 1980 Shovel and a 1964 Harley Panhead in a rigid frame and have about two knuckles in parts.
Looking for a Hayabusa at the momment, just for the 340kmh speedo !!
The Buell and shovel get used every day, the Buell is just about perfect for me.

Thanks michaelv I too really like it and so far my dad is really enjoying riding again.

love the buels. the look mad.

are they a little unreliable with belt drive as opposed to chain?

I ride a 2003 100th anniversary edition Harley Davidson Fat Boy. I don’t have a pic of my bike on my PC but this is my exact bike, all chromed out with mirror chrome Thunderstar rims, fully customized. The only difference is the paint job. I have the origional black with the 100th anniversary striping.

ahh, to have good weather to ride a cruiser.

the chrome would fall off in a week in blighty.

Twisted local.

you wont go far wrong with any of those. the 04 r6 would be plenty good, as would be the 03/04 honda. Also, the 04 GSXR 600 is excellent and a great compromise of cost, performance and of coures, looks.

There is plenty of performance and technology in those bikes to outstrip your abilities (unless you are real good) for years.

If you want something more “streetfighter” then a speed triple would be top, and a unique motor (triple) and different from the rest of the crowd of jap pocket rockets.

Stay away from the 750. that is one sure fire way of killing yourself. for the experienced only, me thinks.

I ride a '95 Harley Sportster Hugger, black and chrome. She’s in the shop right now getting her spring makeover. She’s not the biggest hog on the road but she is a nice little ride.

I catch a train.

OK, I acutally have a 2002 Harley LowRider. I have a kid on the way so I’m thinking of selling it and maybe buying a bigger older bike. I used to have CBR back in the day. Here’s a picture of my wife and me on my buddy Stu’s chopper… I haven’t actually rode this, but it’s a treat to watch him ride it and watch other people watch him ride it…

More chopper pics…More chopper pics!!!

Where’s Gojira at? She supposed to have like infinity of old bikes.

More chopper pics, dammit!!

[quote]Murphy the seal wrote:
I catch a train.[/quote]

Very funny! It’s all that vitamin c, huh… : )

[quote]rainjack wrote:
More chopper pics…More chopper pics!!!

Where’s Gojira at? She supposed to have like infinity of old bikes.

More chopper pics, dammit!![/quote]

yes, Gojira is Queen of the bikes, she has beautiful babies…C’mon G, show us the family album!

I have a sweet '79 Honda CB750K LTD four. I rode this bike off the show room floor 26 years ago. She now has 103,000 miles on the odo. I can’t wait for the weather to nicen up!