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What Do You Register During a "Before/After" Big Fat Loss Transformation?

Hi nice people,

I will ressucitate my daily log. Right now I want to make this return the biggest T-ransformation of my life.

Initially, during the morbidly obese to the Level 2 obese phase, on a daily basis, I am interested to register sleep statistics, body weight, waist & hips measurements, fasted sugar levels, blood pressure, and fasted bioimpedance body fat. Diet and training sessions obviously would be registered as well.
On saturdays or sundays, I want to take pics if any 2 lb+ drops happens.

I like to retribute some visits on daily logs of people who visit my journey.

All these things will be time consuming and I would like to not spend much time on the forum.

What would you do? How diferent would you guys prefer to build your daily log (think as an obese).

Thank you for your kind attention

I like to log all my workouts in my journal. When I was counting calories/macros I logged all my food in MyFitnessPal. I like to get a dexa scan ever 2-3 months to track what’s going on as well. I send enough “sexy” half naked/naked pictures to my wife that I usually have plenty of pictures to look at progress but if I didn’t do that I’d just do monthly pictures to track progress. I’d rather see more of a change than not to keep me motivated and losing weight/gaining weight there’s only so much that’s gonna change in a week. Same for measurements. I’d do those monthly as well.

Eating right and working out right already takes plenty of time. I personally wouldn’t add to it by doing extra stuff every week.

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I have a solution: don’t spend time on the forum.