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I am 16 and am wanting to get into shape over summer. I am new to the whole idea of working out and don’t know where to start. Since last year I started dieting and lost some weight, although recently I have put just a little back on. I would like to become more tone, and all in all Bigger! I would appreciate anyone helping me out by telling me what I need to do, what I need to take and so on. Thanks for all of your help!!!

You have to be a bit careful at your age, with regards to dramatic changes to your body. You are still growing everyday and your body is still physically changing. So anything that you do, just be carefull.

My reccomendations would be to buy a set of dumbells and a Weight Bench and Bar. Just start of slow, doing Arms, Chest, Stomach and shoulders (usually posters in with the sets that show all the exersises/muscle groups) Do do anything “too heavy” to begin with. Train 1 day on, 1 day off and make sure you eat a good amount of protien and get plenty of sleep.

You dont really want to be touching any supplements at your age, apart from the basics (Such as protien shakes/bars)

Hope this helps

Paul Govier

Lil’Rutland Boy, allow me to introduce myself. My name is FAQ. Please read me!

At Your age you can make a lot of gains by just training smart. Most people when they start training (myself incuded) make the mistake of dicovering a great program that works for them and after making good gains become so fond of there new workout they will continue it long after the gains have ceased. First read all you can about various training routines. Then get a notebook and write down the weights you use each workout. Everytime the you start to stagnate switch your routine. Don’t be scared of change. Thats the number one lesson. As long as you change your routine every 6 weeks you will notice constant improvement for a while given your that protein and calories are high. Learn how to train and constantly look to improve and you wont need suplementation for awhile. Then after you know what you are doing and gains become hard to come by can you reach the next level by proper suplement use or AS. Too many young lifters who don’t know what they are doing or how their bodies respond resort to using artifical means to excel their gains and never learn the basics so they are doomed to making little or no gains without them. Put some honest time into learning and you can excel. Hope it wasn’t too much a preaching session but I think there are many others on this forum who would agree.

All the above is good advice.

But you still need to read the FAQ.


Hey bro whats up!! I was at ur stage in life not really long ago. I am 17 right now. I’ll just state how much i have improved from weightlifting. I started lifting seriously these past 2 years. I did lift before that sometimes but never was into it like i have been these past 2 years.
I started at a bodyweight of bout 135 or 140 at 5 9. My measurements where chest 38, arms 14, waist 28, quads 18, calves 14. As u can see i was a lil bitch. I dont think i could even bench 135. My freshman year i lifted pretty good and made progress. My sophmore year i was looking good. Then summer came and i was into it full bore. I stopped lifting for a lil bit cause of teen things, u know were im coming from.
Well its now the end of my junior year of highschool. So i quess u want to hear what i look like now. My height is 5 11. so i did grow some there. My bodyweight is 175 to 180 at 5% bodyfat. Thats around 40lbs i put on. For measurements: chest 47,waist 30,arms 17 1/4,quads 23,calves 17. All these measurements are at low bodyfat.
Im so happy with the way i look. Im now the biggest kid in school. I just started lifting again since my track season ended. My goals for this summer are to get to maybe 185 190 and have 50 inch chest while still haven my lil 30 inch waist. maybe arms to 18 or so.
My tips would be lift smart and push urself as hard as u can. I really cant say much on programs. Read t-mag and ask ?'s. As for diet, eat like an animal. I get around 350 grams of protein. Dont worry bout taking anything just eat right and maybe u will have results like i did. peace

Paul, are you suggesting that he shouldn’t train his back or legs? I think he just wants to get bigger, not create muscular imbalances and bad posture. And lets not get confused with the abdominal muscles and internal organs such as the stomach. Why on earth should he train chest, arms and shoulders 1 day on and 1 day off? That would have him training the same muscle groups 4 times a week. Grossly overtraining.

Lil’Rutland Boy, if you want the best advice, read the FAQ on this site and do a program by Ian King (‘Super Strength’ for chest and back, and ‘Limping’ for legs). Ian King is very good at progressing through his routines and easing you into the workload, so there is no fear that you will start off too hard.

Yo: you from Rutland VT?..Dude, not much to do there don’t you think?
I tweeked grad school at Castleton state if you are from Rutland.

Oh yeah: READ the FAQ.

That sounds a bit like that “training will stunt your growth” thing, i don’t know if that’s what you meant, but it sounded like it. I started lifting at 15 and wth the increased apettite i grew taller than any onther period of my life.

Thanks a lot for all your help. It is good to know people out there are willing to help. I would love to read the FAQ but I didn’t see it. I am sorry all for posting before reading it but I never saw it. Thanks again for taking the time to help me. Good advice.

How to find the FAQ:

Hit the “current issue” button. When the screen changes, the submenu will have “FAQ” at the bottom.

Good luck!

Go to the main page, and see the textbox… Type FAQ in there and hit enter…

Mike, you had awesome progress for 2 years… good job

Thanx for the complement man. It just goes to show all the others teens that eating right and training right will result in amazing results.