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What Do You Recommend?


my current weight is 187 and im 6'2"
i want to trim body fat and gain 10lbs lean musle to upper/lower body

what do ya'll recommend?

my diet = shit i know

starbucks in the morning
chicken/vegetables for lunch
protein shake after workout
lean meat/veggies for dinner
milk/turkey before bed

my workout
-back/bis (pull ups, lat pull downs, bend over rows, deadlifts, bicep dumbell curls)

-chest tris(flat/incline/decline barbell/dumbell presses, random tricep presses)

-legs (squats, leg presses, calf raises)

-shoulders (delt raises, arnolds, behind the neck preses)

i do abs 3 times a week and little to no cardio ever

no steroids, i take amino acids, multi, fish oil and cycle on and off of no xplode.

any clues?


i think your diet needs more no xplode


I'm trying to figure out where that picture was taken.

I've never been somewhere where there is a map on the wall that I could be pulling my pants down and shirtless without someone giving me some very strange looks.


My recommendation is to pull your pants up.

Any clues?

Posting one picture on RMP without having seen or read the requirements tells most of us that you don't have one.

Other than that, you have a very lean physique.

Oh, a 7.2 rating with 2 replies? The average mathematician would surmise that you rated yourself a 10.

Get over yourself and you'll be okay.


ok read the forum rules, my bad about the pants. really looking for constructive criticism. oh and the map is in my room, great observation.


and a back shot




You need to eat double at every meal. Start eating breakfast. I didn't look at your workout because it doesn't actually matter untill you learn how to eat.

6'2 187 and no steroids... hard to believe.


You need to read some more articles.


good work thus far, keep lifting and eating


why would anyone go one a cutting cycle when their goddamn hips are wider then their shoulders?does no one strive for a V taper or X frame anymore?

ANyway, you're obviously training hard. Eat properly and think about losing fat after you have some shape to you. You're lean enough to bulk up.


It may be just how you are posing (squeezing shoulder blades together). But based of that pic it looks like your back is a definite weak point( no taper, just straight line). You are on the right track though.


I couldn't resist - has anyone noticed how he blacked out the back of his head? What does he think we are going to be able to tell who he is by looking at the back of his head and come kill him or something??lmao


rofl, that is funny.


Squat every workout. Drink lots of milk. Add 20lb.


Take whatever you get from the people of the forum here with a grain (or 6 lbs) of salt, your in a condition that at the very least trumps 80% of the people here.

Given that, I believe if you were to add a bit more muscle in your pecks so your rib cage wasn't visible there, you would be set. Just a little on the skinny side, but ripped to shreds.


I am also 6ft2" but the thought of being 187 lbs would make me ill !

Yes you are "ripped" but i can see your lungs,heart,kidneys through your skin.

So unless your thinking of becoming an Abercrombie model, i would suggest you start EATING !

You cant cut down anymore, i doubt your body would let you........ but hey to each his own.


this is a little off topic, but your body reminds me so much of myself a couple years ago i would have sworn you stole pictures of me except i've never posed for a pcture before....true story though, i cant get over the fact, i honestly would beleive this was me if you had told me

super weird

anyways, i was in your boat, and decided to knuckle down and do whatever it takes to gain a bunch of muscle and a bit of fat, and i have no regrets on it, and i'm sure if you did that and worked everything to the best of your abilities you wouldnt either...the fat comes off easily for us anyways, dont worry


yo thanks everybody for the feedback! i really appreciate the advice and the constructive criticism. i am going to keep reading, eating, and working out!!!