What Do You Recommend for my Shoulders?

Why are my shoulder like this? I do weighted Calesthenics and boxing. I can OHP 60kg for reps but can seem to fix the shoulders. What can you recommend?

Doing more weight and more reps?

Okay seriously, eat more, lift more, repeat. It’s very hard to put on additional size for any one muscle, and if it weren’t - nobody would ever complain about having small arms. But if you want, this article was written literally yesterday… maybe you missed it, or maybe you don’t read the 3,000+ articles in the T-Nation archive. Either way, give this a read and you might find your shoulder cure.

I don’t see the problem. Your shoulders seem symmetrical with the rest of your upper body.


What is the problem with your shoulders that need fixing?

I feel like they are rounded. I want them pulled back. I’ve noticed that they raise up a little when I don’t think about them and I’m forced to keep them down and back

I dont really see it nor do i think such small nuances can be fixed by an exercise selection.


Isn’t that literally a boxer’s stance?