What Do You Really Want?

Look like Lou Ferrigno.

[quote]DanErickson wrote:
I want to bench 300 lbs like all the 16 year olds on this website.[/quote]

dam. that was harsh.

my ultimate goal would be to get as big and strong as mike ruggiera with a fucking neck like he has, if you dont know who he is look him up on youtube, if i could get that “power” look and be that strong i would die happy

Get so big that I decide I’d rather have less lean body mass.

End up back at the bodyfat level I had before I started training (9-10%?).

Military press bodyweight.

Deadlift 200 kg for reps.

Live to a ripe old age and never experience back or knee pain.

215lbs, 8% bodyfat.

I want 20 inch arms and a shirt that says rollin on dubs.