What Do You Really Want?

I want to know. Putting your goals down on paper always makes you push that much harder. So. I want to know how many of us have the guts to post on T-Nation our ULTIMATE goals. size, power, weight, whatever.

I started this beast i may as well go first.

bear in mine these are goals you may or may not reach. were talking your ultimate goal.

20 inch arms.

a 35 inch waist.

a 50+ inch chest.

30 inch quads.

and even if its just for a week…single didgit bodyfat.


500 pound bench.

600 pound squat. (i have a weak squat naturally)

600+deadlift…straps or no straps. idk.

well there you have it. who else has the guts to put it all out there>???


20 inch arms

lats so huge they always look flexed

legs bigger than my waist

chest like arnold

striations covering every inch of muscle on my body


bench 2x bodyweight

squat 3x bodyweight

chin with 200lb weights

dip with same

30in vertical jump

198lbs - 10% BF

Indomitable endurance/work capacity

Superb relative strength

for now i want to reach 105 kgs with around 5-8% body fat

lifts… as high as they can go, bench probably around 350-400, squat 500 at least, deadlift around 650

after that i may change goals, mostly aimed towards olympic lifting

Enough to wrestle bears and win. And I mean proper wild bears, not circus bears. I’m talking the John West Tuna bear.

I want to bench 300 lbs like all the 16 year olds on this website.

[quote]DanErickson wrote:
I want to bench 300 lbs like all the 16 year olds on this website.[/quote]

HAHAHA! (see my refrain from using “lol”? that’s because I’m not a teen).

I want to be Military Press 1 ton and be able to lift a man by his neck with one hand.

if you can military press 1 ton you’ll be able to pull his head off if you try to lift him…

Enter a BB show at at least 200 lbs and 3% bf

[quote]DanErickson wrote:
I want to bench 300 lbs like all the 16 year olds on this website.[/quote]

Ha, good one. I’d have to say goal wise is bench 305, cut down on my injuries, fix my anterior pelvic tilt and my posture in general, get 1000+ total and get to 200lbs lean. Needless to say I have a lot of work to do, especially considering I seem to have the joints and tissue quality of a 50 year old and I’m not even 20 yet.

working towards:

Dead lift 405
Bench 225 (short term, im 20 pounds away) 3 plates a side is my longer term goal.

Clean 225

Squat 405


240lbs of throbbing muscle.

19" arms

Huge legs.

Traps that replace my neck.


Biggest bench possible.

Biggest squat possible.

Deadlift so heavy that it snaps the bar.

[quote]Der Candy wrote:
Deadlift so heavy that it snaps the bar.[/quote]

Just buy a cheap bar.

Despite being more bodybuilding oriented, since the best way to see serious size increases is through serious strength increases, my goals are as follows:

Bench: Anything over 4 plates
Squat: At least 600 lbs
Deadlift: 650 minimum

Of course, once I get there I’ll want more, but such is the life of a lifter.

Ever since I was a little kid and saw Star Wars: A New Hope. I realize that it’s weird, but like Vader:

Pick a fully grown man up with just one arm.

make it to 205lbs @ >10% BF.

Bench 400lbs

squat 500lbs

dead <500lbs

have someone say, “omg God, it’s coming this way” when i walk down the street.

I’d love to have an IQ of 180. Ptthhh , you guys are all dumb minded muscleheads.

When I walk by you see the water tremble like in Jurassic park.

Goals before I’m 22 (which will be right after I get out of college):

21 inch arms

32 inch legs

Freakishly large calves

Chest like Arnold’s

260+ lbs

= 6% BF

Bench 405+

Squat 675+

Dead lift 765+

Curl 225+ (You all know that would be badass)

Dip with 2 plates between my legs for reps

Pull-ups with 2 plates between my legs for reps

Be able to do a wicked pec dance for the ladies

Crack walnuts between my fingers

Not be able to walk anywhere without being noticed

I’ve got some work to do…