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What Do You Pay in HOA Fees?

Just curious for all you home owners what do you pay in HOA fees?

There is the condo/loft that me and my wife love. But the HOA’s are $535 a month!!! Granted it’s in upscale modern neighborhood, but that just seems ridiculous to me. I’ve heard from most of my friends they pay anywhere from $50-$350 a month. I’ve never heard of anything over $450 though.

Just trying to gain some insight!

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$0 I like freedom…

Kidding aside, $535/month is craaaaazy.


My grandma used to pay just under $700. If there is a shared building structure then it will be higher for roof replacement, mechanical, shared spaces, etc. if it’s individual homes in a neighborhood, then that’s asinine. In my grandmas case, the board got out of control with adding ammentities that no one cared about, but everyone paid for.

I prefer my neighborhood that has CC&Rs but not HOAs.

It’s a condo that’s in a upscale shopping center area. Underneath are all restaurants, shops, bars. But this particular unit is nice because it’s on the SE corner of the building. So on the east you have views of downtown and on the west you have views of the rocky mountains. Both can be seen from the same unit.

But the HOA is the only thing giving us pause. Might as well get a house if we going to pay that much overall.


Be mindful of “one time” assessments. They can come in and charge you for new water lines, roof etc… most HOA agreements really give the condo owners very few rights.

It’s gonna depend solely on where you’re at. I’m in the west end of Richmond in a nice neighborhood with a good school system and my HOA fee is 125…then again, my mortgage plus insurance escrow and utilities comes out to about 1000 for a 3br 2.5ba house with a small backyard. This is why I left New York.

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My last condo had HOA fees of $90 per month. It was upper-middle class suburban PA. It included trash removal, snow removal, landscaping/lawn care and insurance on the structure (all I needed was renters insurance).

I thought it was a pretty good deal.

This was over 15 years ago though.

I’ve been looking at condos near me on Long Island - HOA includes property taxes and a portion of that are tax deductible, about 60% depending on the property. One three bedroom nearby had HOA of $1560 per month, lol.

Most are in the $700 range.

Are they under the new law?

Don’t know.

If you’re counting on the deduction you might want to double check that. I’m like 50/50 thinking property tax deduction were cut out. I could be wrong, though.

In NY property taxes are deductible and the HOA includes property taxes - I’m guessing at 60%. I’m sure it’s different in every state. Certainly something to consider.

State and local taxes (SALT) are limited to $10k.

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$35 a year