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What Do You Military Press?


I don't do singles. What's your 5RM? Just curious


Just did these last Friday as Friday is shoulder day for my workout group. These were seated Shoulder Press if you consider those. Some consider Military Press only as standing and with no back support or leg drive as in a push press. Anyway, I hit six reps at 185 and this was bar down to clavicle and up to full ext.



Yeah I was thinking of standing, no leg drive. But that's cool. Just did the sum and that's 84kg? Nice work fella. My best is 61kg for 5, but i still lean back a bit too much, need to improve. How'd you get to where you're at? lots of assistance work?


Strict or some leg use-push press-? A lot of people think there the same thing sometimes. I only do push press with a bar and thats basically 225 for 5x5 but I've done 240 for 5 before.

Strict I'm not sure I think I could pop up 185 or so. These are all done all the way to chest and all the way to full lockout. I see some just bend elbow few inch not even to parallel then push up even less and continue on.

Problem I have with no leg drive takes away from using more power, which I'm trying to develop more of and It starts to put a lot of pressure on my lower back trying to get those last reps. If you want to do strict I would recommend sitting, its too easy to switch to push press doing standing or putting too much strain on lower back.


140lbs at the power rack...

haven't done sitting for a while now.. thanks for the info shizen


1x4x65 kg, strict. Started from around 30 kg a year ago.


Seated Barbell, I can get up to about 265 for 6 or so. My shoulders have always been stupidly strong though (overpowered my chest for a long while). Even now, I start with laterals, but can still seated press the 100lb db's for 10 afterwards. Weird -lol



60kgx5, strict standing press


165 seated, chest to lockout, somewhere between narrow and normal grip


240, or 225x4 probably had 250 but I stopped doing them

275x5 seated, to my chin, not my chest.

Pushpress was around 315 through all of this.

Strange how much harder strict standing is than seated or pushpress.


Push press is all good but it always seems to be a leg exercise, shakes in legs not shoulders for example. You guys who got heavier poundages- how'd you get there? 5x5 and patience? or did you have a solid program that helped? Recently i've tried to up my OH squat but it's too technical, and didn't gain much so i subbed that for lunges. I'm the opposite to Stu


Damn...... the mighty in your name is no joke! That's some strong shiznit my friend.

OP, lot's of shoulder pressing over the years either dumbbell or barbell always trying to go heavier. There's nearly always been a day dedicated to shoulders.



I gained strength surprisingly fast when I started training. Mass? that took a while to figure out. These days, (I've been training for 14 years) most of my workouts have some sort of pre-exhaust in them. I start chest with some type of flye, shoulders with some type of lateral, and back with some sort of pullover or scap retraction. You just have to figure out what works for you. I'm sure I could get stronger if I were to really just focus on compound lifts, but these days it really is more about quality over quantity. Besides, my joints have taken more than a beating over the years, you have to be realistic at some point :slight_smile:

Keep banging away bro.



Today : 10x3 with 20Kg (44 pounds) standing press (almost to failure).
With dumbbells I can do 5x4 with 14Kg


im lifting 130lbs for 6. strict on the first 4/5 then will push out the remainder.


Man, some strong fellahs here. Shoulders have always been my weak point. I do all my shoulder work standing, keeps the core strong IMO. I have done 195 (strict) for 5 reps, OK to be honest 4 reps and the 5th shaky but I got it up there! I have done 225 for a rep strict, standing. I lift with no straps, wraps or belt.

The thing about the push press is, yes there is leg drive however the purpose of the movement I believe is not so much getting it up, it's letting it down, don't let it fall down and you'll get a heck of great deal from the eccentric.


Good post. I do it standing too, because i want my stomach to be strong too!

And that's a good point about eccentrics. I might do that for a few ones sometime and see how it works. I did have a horrible shoulder injury a few years ago, i couldnt lean on a wall without agony, so i'm humble. One day i'll do 100kg for 5 and be happy


I actually have done push presses at the end of my session before. Not so much for the 'how much can I move' aspect, but considering that the movement is predominantly a legs first, shoulders second type of deal, I use it as a burn out sort of approach. I figure my delts are toasted already, so by using my legs to slam up a lot of weight, I get the heavy negative when I bring the bar down.



A few years ago I was able to get 185X5 seated to just below the chin, then I wrecked a motorcycle and broke my collar bone and blew out my left shoulder. 3-4 years later I still haven't regained all the strength in that shoulder so 150lbsX5 is my best.


Damn fine idea. I would not want to do it every session though, sometimes can be problematic. Sprinkled here and there great stuff!