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What Do You Mastadons Eat for Brefus?

I have eaten a big bowl of oatmeal with protein powder and some wheat germ in it for years. Recently due to a new baby I have been forced to be a bit more McGyver-ish with my eating habits. I keep a box of cereal and milk at work to avoid missing breakfast entirely but even the best cereal seems to make me feel tired and sometimes light headed.

I respect all of your training habits in the face of lifes every day upheavals. What do you eat for brefus? Especially when pressed for time.

protein drink with 55g protein, a tablespoon of metamucil, a heaping tablespoon of cinammon, and sometimes one of those little 1-serving crystal light flavorings. Every day. If your not an Old Lardass like me, you can prolly have carbs, so if you have about a half-hour between when you make the shake and when you drink it, add a cup of raw oatmeal to the shake - gives you something to chew in the shake. even if you don’t have the half hour, i like the raw oatmeal in the shake.

you should also have sled dragging for breakfast, but that can be hard to fit in.

I ain’t no mastodon, but I’ll answer.

That tiredness after eating cereal sounds like you’re over-responding to the carbs to me. My breakfasts usually consist of multiple eggs, some sort of meat and milk. Proteins and fats with a few carbs from the milk, basically. That way I don’t get the morning muzziness from a big insulin rush.

Well I’m not a mastadon, but am over 35. I agree with albino in that you are probably crashing from an insulin rush from the carbs. In a perfect world you might eat exactly like he describes, but I think a good protein shake could be a good substitute. I have eggs, bacon, coffee and an orange almost every day of my life. Like you, if I get out of my normal routine, I will eat cereal. My day pretty much sucks when I do. Not only do I crash, but then I crave carbs and junk food all day and night.

I try to get some protein, fats, and fruit + coffee in the am

it can be a quart of greek yogurt almonds honey and a banana.
or if Im on the run/busy/etc its two fried eggs on a roll.

If your in NYC youll know what I mean every deli- even the guys in carts
will do this for 2 bucks or less.

My standard is what you are used to: whey mixed with oatmeal. When I was gainfully employed I kept a tub of powder and a tub of quick oats at my desk. Used hot water out of the coffee machine.

When I am excluding or limiting carbs its runny eggs, lean ham or turkey bacon, veggies and grapefruit.

48 year old mastadon here.

I have 28 ounces of skim milk, a protein bar (16 gs protein, 22 grams carbs, 5 grams fat) and a banana M-F.

I have Malto-Meal (made with skim milk instead of water) or Shredded Wheat with skim milk on weekends, with a handful of raw almonds.

cold grilled chicken breast…

or 3 banannas…

It’s not the year, it’s the miles…

I’m a freaking wilderbeast these days.
I wake up around 3:30am for work I have a large coffee and a dunken donut (sourcream donut).
Catch Train for work 5am
Depending if I have a Deadlift or Squat day I’ll have a wheat toast/eggs/turkey bacon before I lift.

Yes its a sucky plan but That is what its been like for the last 4yrs I’ve been stationed at this unit.

1st Breakfast protein shake (62grm protein,12 grm carbs,6 grms fat).Immediatley upon waking.
2nd Breakfast 1-2 hrs later 6-8 whole eggs with cheese 4-6 pieces of turkey bacon.

Hope that helps.

Or 2 scoops protein in 1/2 cup oatmeal with milk to add flavor.

Or I microwave 5 eggs and 1/3 cup oatmeal together-add 1/3 cup fruit for flavor/1/3 cup yougurt for flavor.

Depends on time constaints but option 1 is what I usually do.

5 eggs,milk,honey…mix.drink take my fish oil and ruuush to school…

I can completely hear you on the new baby and time issues.

I have 2 young kids, so my priority is getting them fed, dressed, beds made, teeth/hair brushed, and out the door in record time so my wife isn’t late for work, as she has a horrific boss to work for.

So for me, breakfast is iffy…

If everyone is up on time, and we seem to be moving along pretty good, I’ll fry up about 8 eggs, sprinkle on some low-fat cheese and slice up some cuccumber slices… I call it my “campfire breakfast” and out of that I feed the kids - they love it…

Most mornings though, my 1st breakfast is a bowl of cereal, an orange, and a protein shake with whole milk. I normally have to make an extra-large protein shake (about 3x the protein) as the kids love it as well…

I’ve also tried waking up, chucking (bulk) oatmeal (so it has no flavouring and sugar added) and 2 scoops of protein powder into a container, topped with whole milk and blend it up and guzzle it down… Word to the wise, don’t use steel-cut oats if you want to do this, as it turns out more like a granola cereal as I just can’t blend those oats down very well… Plus, I’m not 100% sure if it’s me or not, but I’ll be passing gas that crazy… My wife is literally hanging her head out the window…

I can manage my diet when I’m at work, 110%… It’s just went I’m at home when it’s a bit more difficult… What benefits me, is my kids LOVE what I eat, so when I’m grilling up chicken and beef, they’re standing at the BBQ with their tongues hanging out…


about 5-6 oz chicken breast, 1 fruit (bananna, orange or apple with cinammon on top) and a scoop of whey protein powder in my coffee.

I usually eat another 1-2 oz of walnuts, almonds or peanuts at my desk about 2 hours later.

[quote]ds1973 wrote:
… and a scoop of whey protein powder in my coffee.


That is hardcore right there. LOL. I have never even thought of that.

When gaining, I will usually have 6 whole eggs, 4 strips of bacon, 2 cups of Hood calorie countdown milk and 2 pieces of Ezekial bread.

When “cutting”, 3 whole eggs, 5 whites, 4 strips of turkey bacon, 2 cups of Hood calorie coundown milk and a cup of coffee.

I work out in the morning so. Surge post recovery, 2 scoops and I am over 200 pounds but, after s.s.s. then I get 3 scoops Metabolic Drive (low carb right now) with milk and tlbs of organic peanut butter. 4 Omega 3 caps. That is at 6:30 and then at 9:30 another shake with 3 scoops and water. So before lunch I get almost 160 gms of protien every day.

If I dont have time for breakfast i usually have a banana or apple and a “protein plus” power bar. (35g protein) I have a kid on the way but I dont have to go to work till 2pm and then it’s from home. :slight_smile:

Two young kids so there is not much time to screw around in the mornings if everything is going get done and they are going to be on the bus.

Breakfast is usually 4 eggs with cheese on top, oatmeal with ground flax and blueberries (bit of brown sugar if I’m feeling cheeky)

Mid-morning is a blended drink with 1/2 cup OJ, some plain yogourt, 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 2 scoops of whey, some frozen berries, some olive oil and topped up with water. No idea what the macro breakdown is…maybe I’ll figure that out.

Train at lunch and have creatine, powdered gatorade and either BCAAs or some whey mixed in.

Eat lunch when I get back to the office

This keeps for a couple of days - spinach and egg pie:

I am a smoothie lover, I can consume over 1500 calories in less than ten minutes from start to finish. Put everything in it, nuts, seeds, yogurt, fruit, protein etc.