What Do You Make of the Decline Bench?

Paul in yoir writings I never see you talk about the decline bench. What are your thoughts on it fpr pec development and how declined should one be?

I think he’s declined to comment.

I’ll see myself out.


I think it’s a good costal pec builder. There’s been some EMG data to show that the clavicular pecs are super active in it but the fact is that’s due to them getting a bit more lengthened in the eccentric.

I like a small angled decline, not the big one you usually see with the barbell fixed bench.


Those fixed decline benches always have me shaking my head. Without fail, every other week there will be a guy lifting alone, trying to hit a 1 - 3 RM on the thing with shakey form.

I just look at it and think that if you fail this lift you have a bunch of weight that is gonna force it’s way towards your neck with almost no means of stopping it/escape.

So I keep a close eye on them, just in case. They are probably thinking I’m impressed with their lifting…


Is there a preference to dips with a lot forward lean and decline bench? Or maybe one’s better for certain qualities and goals than the other?

Dips work the costal pecs very well, too. Anything where the humerus is coming downwards in relation to the torso is going to bias the costal pecs.

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