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What do you LIKE about your gym?

Okay, everyone, enough negativity! I want to know what you LIKE about your gym - and don’t say something like “They play great music.” I’m looking for something out of the ordinary, that maybe other gyms might be persuaded to incorporate into their establishments. I’ll start the ball rolling by saying that, in addition to Platemates, my gym has a mirror on the ceiling over the bench. I imagine the gym owner has other uses for it after hours, but for me it’s really helped correct an unconscious “twist” that I was doing with my right shoulder through the middle of the movement. Other ceiling-related perks are a big saloon-type fan over the power rack and pics of bodybuilders over any piece of equipment that can be used in a supine position. Nice for motivation. What about it people? What do you like about YOUR gyms?

It’s cheap. It’s not too busy. There are plenty of free weights, benches, squat racks and power racks.

It’s free to use, was cheaper than a first year gym membership, is never busy, is very close, I don’t have to worry about some one wanting to “work in”, and it has all the equipment I need (though I’d like to add a couple pieces). The music is whatever I want it to be (though it’s usually silent). Of course, it’s my own equipment in my family room. The best way to go in my book.

It has a great sound system. Never have to wait for a device. Great people and good conversation. Ok well my gym is in my basement. haa haa.

what i like about my gym is that they don’t have mirrors over the bench. sounds pretty distracting. what are your workout partners doing when you were twisting? in fact, we’ve had the gym take down most mirrors around the squat racks.

my gym provides chalk, jump strecth bands, chains, boxes, and lets us make as much noise as we want.

No one squats. So the cage is always available.

My gym has more power racks than benches. Platforms and bumper plates, pulling sleds, dumbells that go up to 150lbs, reverse hyper, and glute ham. The only things we need now is some strong man stuff.

My gym has an Olympic style training platform, and a lot of sport specific training equiptment. Lucky for me being a trainer there I get to use all of it!

every single bench press has pins low enough for me to use so i can get the weights off without a spotter. plenty of benches and squat racks. very clean and lots of space

It has two squat racks, one of which is in a little cove around the corner thats fairly dark and has no mirrors and its own set of plates and no one ever goes back there. It’s busy everywhere else so I can do deads and squats and box squats back there and no ones around to bother me!

My gym is a hell hole !!! it had nothing but a rack a squat stand reverse hyper benches and tons of iron including 50kg disks lots of bars shrug bars a heavy bag and pullup dip station! thsi for me is what makes it great, there is a smell of sweat froma generation ago that just makes u wanna tear that iron to shreds!!! no music apart from a beat put out on the heavy bag boom da dink boom da dink boom da dink ! God i wanna go back right now!! one massive mirror and above all no mamby pambies or cardio machines !! it is a t-mans gym!

i work out at two different gyms…my university gym supplies chalk, and has some big strong mofo’s there…while at the same time a whole bunch of crazy, no form at all guys who grunt provide entertainment between sets.
gym 2…new equipment and im further up the “ranks” in experience…little ego boost, and lots of lyrca clad hard body women.

Its attached to the side of my house. Its a power rack, incline/decline bench, 1 mirror, a punchbag, free weights, trap bar, bare stone walls/floor and a massive stereo. I have made the best strength, size, and commitment gains ever since i trained at home - i can shout, grunt, and do whatever the hell i like in there and i love it. I still am a member of a ‘fitness club’ for all the sauna/steam room stuff, and to crack off the odd set of deadlifts of leg-presses to scare the pretty boys(amazing the size gains you can get from 2 sets of cable crossovers…). And, the women here are unbelieveable, as its next to a really exclusive part of the city i live in so i am a nice ‘bit of rough’ for them. ;-p

After training for 15+ years (has it been that long), I have worked out at a lot of gyms. Between moving way too many times during the period and having to find a new gym each time and traveling and having to find “temporary” gyms, I have seen a lot. And you know what, they all have had good things to offer. The gym I currently work out at is privately owned, and the owner used to compete in both body building and various stength competitions. He is knowledgable, approachable and always willing to add his 2 cents (without charging even 1 cent). Basically, he is there if you need him, but he doesn’t bother you if you don’t. I like that. The gym also is close to my house, so it is very convenient. I usually work out in the morning, and even though the owner doesn’t like to get up too early, he has trusted a couple of us “regulars” to open the place up for him, so the gym is usually open at 4:30 each morning (not by me) even though the “hours” are 6:00 til 11:00. The morning crew at the gym has a good mix between hard core lifters and “sport” lifters, so if you need motivation, you’ve got it, and if you just feel like fucking off, you can do that too. Basically, it is a good, convenient neighborhood gym with all the equipment I need. What more could I ask for (except maybe a few scantily clad vixens).

Danny (and others): Where can I get a big, “full bodied” mirror? I’ve had difficulty finding one.

Quite a few strippers work out there, as well as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheerleaders…good for one’s T levels!

I tried two, I got my big mirror from a standard out of town style hardware/DIY store. Also, you can get great mirror tiles form IKEA, that fit onto odd/non smooth walls and are self levelling, they fit togeather pretty seamlessly, and if you smash one, you just take out that tile, and put in a new one - no fuss. Generally you can get a good quality mirror pretty cheap second hand too.

It’s free, and it’s close. I live on a small military base in the South Pacific (Kwajalein Atoll). I can usually bring in a CD and play whatever music I like. People there aren’t into getting huge but they are freindly and always willing to spot me if I need it. it has free weights as well as Hammer Strength.

The people who trains
It´s a mix between track n field, power lifting, OL, bodybulding and a lot of other sports plus the ordinary fitness oriented “ordinary human”.
This mix makes it easy ask for help with various aspects of training and the best part is that you really get help if you ask for it.

Honestly, the reason’s I hate my gym are the same reasons I love it. For instance, my gym has no power rack/squat rack/lifting cage. I hate that because it’s tough to squat. So we get three guys together and hump the bar on and off of each other. Gotta love that!

Second, I’m probably the strongest guy in my gym. That’s not saying much though. It’s a college gym and the members are students without a clue. I’m sick of guys saying, “are you trying to kill yourself?” when I deadlift 405 lbs. But at the same time, I love the awe-struck look on there faces when smoke that weight.

Third there’s no real variety in there. A few machines and not even that many plates. But when some one asks, “Who’s using all the plates?” Guys just point at me doing my deads and the complaint stops there. Oh yeah and NO machines in my split. Cable rows, no way-bent rows! Free weights are the way.

The last thing is the fact that not to many dudes, outside of my boys, have the same knowledge of training and nutrition as I do. For that I thank T-mag and this here forum. Thanks T-Freaks!

Still, it would be nice to have someone stronger, smarter and generally massive to look up to. Oh well, I guess I’ll just settle for that Cy Wilson dude.

But nothing beats walking in with two of the guys and clearing the floor in order to do squats while everyone else watches. Ya just gotta squat. Peace.