What Do You, 'Hate'?

So far we have fat people, personal trainers, gays, and Facebook. And don’t say the OP.

I hate when I get to the bottom of a box of cereal and it’s just a bowl of fucking crumbs.

Jews-I mean. FUCK. Nevermind.

Not hate but I kind of get annoyed by old people.


I hate people who get pissed about the price of cigarettes, buy them, say they should quit, and then come back the next day , buy them, and say the same thing. Just fucking quit.

And don’t jump on me for that and say how hard it is to quit. I dip (more addictive and harder to quit then cigarettes). I know. I’m just saying… if you’re gonna say you should quit… then fucking quit and don’t whine at me about the prices! It gets old real fast when I have 50 people telling me this every day. yes. I get it. Cigarettes are expensive. Boo hoo. Quit like you say you will.

Or , actually, keep killing yourself and giving me the cigarette sales. You’re just making me money. I don’t care. Just don’t complain. I don’t make the prices. :slight_smile:

[quote]FightinIrish26 wrote:
Jews-I mean. FUCK. Nevermind.[/quote]


perez faggot hilton, not just cuz he’s a gay, but he’s also got the most uesless “career” in existence

Bad/Unaware drivers.



Ignorant people who are ignorant of their own ignorance yet somehow still manage to be arrogant for God-knows what reason and are annoying as fuck.

Hippies. I fucking hate hippies, and I dont mean the kind that like all this natural crap and smoke weed here and there. I mean the jobless cock suckers, that all they do is sit on there ass’s all day and use their welfare checks for coffee and dope; because im paying for there damn vacation and they have no will to get a job. And they do absolutely nothing for the community or society in general but are always the first ones to bitch. Fuck you hippies. Fuck you.

People who order sandwiches in the Tim Hortons drive-thru…they take forever and slow everyone down.

And Joan Rivers…I fucking HATE Joan Rivers. Just hearing her name pisses me off.

non v-bulletin message boards

and twitter

Tools. I really hate tools, especially when they are going out with hot chicks.

people who calls people hippies when they dont know what a hippy really is. People that think life is for working and buying stuff.

I hate people who are intolerant of other peoples cultures, and the dutch.

I hate the fact that Blockbuster is out of 24 season 7 disc 3. Godfuckingdamnit!!!

[quote]John S. wrote:
I hate people who are intolerant of other peoples cultures, and the dutch.[/quote]

People who are better than me at making jokes using irony.

Stupid bitches driving a hybrid car with the AC cranked.