What do you guys think?

I havent posted on here lately because of football. I have only ben able to lift once a week and I am eating about 3/5 of what I normailly eat and its not good things either. I have become fat and bloated. With just a few weeks of football left, Ill be able to get back into it until wrestling starts. If i go back to lifting 4 times a week and up my caloric intake with the good foods again, do you think i will lose fat and become buff and the stuff again?

Well i can remember you once said you were at 220 pounds (or something like that) at 7-8% body fat! Think back how you got to that level.

How did you manage to get fat playing football?

Go ahead and start eating good now. Itll only help.

Hey Mate, I think if you lift weights four sessions, have 4-5 sessions of wrestling per week and eat good food, you are easily on the path to regainning past glory.
What weight do you wrestle at?
Maybe we should Start up a Wreslter Training Suppport Group.

i was 8 % bodyfat when i was 145 pounds… haha im about 14% right now at around 230. Theres only a 2 week break period before wrestling. Wrestling halts all progress usually. I am looking for ideas to keep gaining during wrestling… anyone?