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What do you guys think?

bin Ladens’s family whisked away by who? When? 9-12-2001?



“Do you or do you not claim that we SURROUNDED BIN LADEN at Tora Bora?”

Calm down Tough Guy. LOL!

According to the CS Monitor article that quotes Janes’ nobody knows what the hell happened exactly. It’s all speculation. He could have escaped on foot, or he could have been included in the airlift.

Bottom line: another administration fuckup.

Ahhhhh, I see! So when YOU say, quote unquote, “He was airlifted out,” WE’RE all supposed to take that as meaning, “It’s all speculation. He could have escaped on foot, or he could have been included in the airlift.”

Lumpy, repeat after me: “WORDS MEAN THINGS.” When you say, “He was airlifted out,” that means that he was AIRLIFTED OUT. If that AIN’T what you meant to claim, then you shouldn’t have claimed it. You followed it up with a post making about a half dozen allegations/insinuations about the Bush administration being either covertly involved in or negligently responsible for various things. Now, HOW on earth is anyone supposed to take anything you say seriously with a track record of unfocused verbal diarrhea, even regarding very SIMPLE insinuations?? “JOHN SHOT BILL!!! HE SHOT HIM!!!” “Wait a minute, what I actually said was that John might have SEEN the TYPE of gun that was used to shoot Bill in a magazine photo a few years back. I never said he SHOT Bill!” Ooooooooh, OK!

Lets try again. Some people thinkl he was airlifted out. Some people think he walked out.

I don’t really see what the difference is if he rode away on a damn tricycle, the point (which you want to avoid apparently) is that the administration fucked up, they took their eye off the ball and bin Laden got away. That is another example in a list of a Rumsfeld fuckups.

Sorry if you found my 2 sentence condensed description in my little list to be so misleading.