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What do you guys think?

Hey guys,
I keep getting these emails from Will Brink. What do you guys think of him and his knowledge of supplements and nutrition?

he knows what he is talking about but his e book is way over priced, you can get the same info and more for free just by doing a little reading on the web on this site and others

I dig his work. Respect him too.

I was reading his stuff long before T-mag.

Over priced is a relative term and which book are you talking about? For the guy who lost 120lbs from the weight loss ebook, it was worth every penny. I did get an email from some guy who had a PhD in biology and an MS in nutrition who wanted his money back. Like, what the F does he need with my diet book then? I don?t set the price. I put it together and they set the price to what they think the market will accept, thus business as it exists. So far, 11000 copies later, the majority of people are happy, but I cant and wont make everyone happy all of the time. The new book (more expensive FYI) is also doing well, but will not please all the people all the time. That’s life.

Will, I was talking about the weight loss ebook. I’m not the doc. I understand what the market will bear and try to get top market for my services when I can too. It was just my opinion, I like to read and was wanting more content. But I read your site for free and enjoy it so all’s even in the end.