What do you guys think of this excerpt from Titus’ web site? I don’t know how the poor guy does it

Routine of roofer: 4:15am-wake up & pig out; 5:40am-leave for work; 6:00am-on the clock so bust balls while foreman screams nonstop to go faster; 10:30am(if you’re lucky)-finally get 15min break; 10:45am-haul ass some more (pack 15000lbs 100lbs at a time); 12:30pm-1/2 hr lunch pig out; 1:00pm back on the clock, try not to breathe primer fumes; 6:00pm-go home shower & pig out if you’ve got a nice foreman who didn’t grow up in vietnam (I wasn’t so lucky); 8:00pm-go to bed. I know it’s not as bad as mining but it makes being a pro bodybuilder seem like a piece of cake.

Some of you guys are sad and confilicted. I see you all over this board jumping up and down about the new Biotest Sup, or some training routine. You eat, sleep and shit this stuff, so why are you being a bunch of catty girls about some pro bodybuilder’s rant on his own site? If you spend any money on a regular basis on supplemenents and if you diet while not being obese you are a body builder, deal with it. This guy is just good enough to make a living at it, don’t player hate.

You are trying to tell me that what he wrote isn’t the biggest load of shit you’ve ever read? Hey, if bodybuilding is your business, it’s all good. But he makes it out like it’s tougher than anything else. Like others have said, there are many other professions that put in a lot more work and dedication.

I admire many professional athletes but this excerpt is ridiculous. Even professional athletes don’t live a life that is all consumed by their sport and nothing else. Hey, I’m sure there are a few that do, but Titus certainly doesn’t help dispell the myth about bodybuilders being nothing more than dumbasses who use buckets of steroids and complain that their life is tough. If it’s so tough, then quit!

As for me, I don’t want to be a bodybuilder. Even if I had the genetics and 'roids to be one, I still wouldn’t want to dedicate my life to being a bodybuilder. Working out is only one component of my life. I have a balance between my health, family, friends, other relationships, work, etc. I don’t need one thing to rule my life. That’s not my bag! And what gives you the impression that I’m small and fat? Small, yes. Fat, well, I guess I’m fat if fat is anything over 10% bodyfat. Good luck in your endeavors whatever they may be.

I don’t know Craig Titus personally, so maybe this is unfair, but to me he symbolizes everything that’s wrong with pro bodybuilding today. 1. He’s a loudmouth. 2. He’s a whiner. 3. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about his public image - or, if he does, then he’s intentionally projecting an image of being an asshole. 4. He’s not very bright. 5. His physique has no beauty to it whatsoever. It’s big and cut, but there’s nothing else positive that you can say about it. Symmetry? Nope. Proportion? Nope. GH gut? Yep. Nice lines? Nope. I mean really. What’s the point of putting all that effort into your physique if you’re not going to look good at the end of the day? I can only imagine what a horror he must be in the off-season. To be fair, however, I find the above complaints applicable (albeit usually to a lesser extent) to the majority of the pros today.

monday to friday, life is somewhat on hold for me - wake up six am, eat and catch bus to work, 1.5 hours later get to work, spend the next 12 hours trying making around 200 calls, trying to convince people do do all sorts of things they dont want to do,cram in 6 meals, get shouted at, leave work at 7.30pm, another hour back home, train, cook all food for next day, do chores, hit sack at 10pm, no way near as bad as alot of people, but i wouldnt exactly hate their life, but it seems alot for very little reward. im proud that i can do what i can do, and still maintain a good physique, whilst my colleagues and friends at UNI just sleep!

hahaha…Titus keeps coming up with the goods
must suck having to take time out to tan,eat and shop for food, god damn hes an amazing man.

7am…get out of bed : not going to comment on this…7am is a few hours into the working day for a lot of people.
Then cruise on over to the tanning booth…fun and games.
strike a few poses with my cock jocks on…
what ever floats your boat
drink shake…yeah ok…there’s 30 seconds gone.
the man is a fool, im amazed he didnt manage to tell us what a arse kicking fighter he is and how he could compete in the ultimate fighting comp…seems to like brings crap like that up.
but i guess from an entertainment point of view he is quite amusing, in a sad sort of way that a grown man should have a personality so screwed.

I just had to reply to this. First off fuck Titus! I mean really, no one else complains about being an athlete. Most athletes realize how lucky they are to be gifted enough to do what they do, and sure the work hard. But the guys who build those arena and make the protein powders work hard too! And don’t forget asshole (Titus) that without these guys you and your sport would not exist. What makes this country great are those who built it up. Fireman, Policeman, Construction workers etc… These people made it possible for you to live life the way you do, so step off your fucking high horse and give these people some fucking respect because many of them still hit the gym and look good after doing their JOB which allows you to exist!

As for bodybuilding, the dedication is fantastic. But it seems funny to me that I know a bunch of guys about 5’6" 160lbs that could kick the shit out of titus, how does he still feel like a man. Not only could he not defend himself but he thinks more about his apperance than any other guy I know and most often he can’t think apparently!


Yes, I took this from Craig Titus’ web site. Just go to the section called Titus talks or speaks or something like that. You can’t miss it. He is trying to explain how hard BBing is to someone from Pro Lab. LL

routine of head of interactive department: up at 5, in the gym at 6, at work at 8:30 sit on my ass infront of a computer screen all day (and i’m sore from squats) 5:00 leave work, 5:30 rugby practice, 8:00 boxing. i have the horrible work of eating 5 times a day too. awww…i’m sure all of your hearts bleed for me. NOT. titus sure sounds like a cry baby to me. especially that half hour in the tanning salon! and oh my god, preparing a post workout drink is SO much hard work. Veljko - you hit the nail on the head! Princess - we make fun because it is stupid. there are plenty of people who work out as much as he does…because we love to do it. and there are plenty of us who would love to have nothing to do but eat, workout, and pose all day long. titus leads that horrible life we all wish for.

I like the way that half of the posts here protesting a whiny glory seeking rant about a schedule given in detail contain a whiny rant about a schedule given in detail. Who wrote that post earlier about conflicted body builders? Oh right that was me. If you don’t like the way Titus seeks attention, then don’t do the exact same thing. This is too funny.

Hey is this Dave Palumbo? Just thought I would ask. Thanks.

I haven’t seen this info before, but from the way it sounds, it doesn’t sound like that bad of a life style. If he doesn’t like the lifestyle…quit and get a job working 8-5 and then train after that. I bet that doesn’t sound near as appealing!

Get a life… nuff said.

Damn, and here I thought medical school was tough. Glad I don’t have to eat, lift weights and sleep all day. I don’t know what I would do with myself.

Damn, I think he must be sooo rushed that he can barely calm his thoughts to take a nap. If anyone wants to know what Titus really does (not what some dumbass ghost writter says he does) read the last dead pool. And if you didn’t know, he did go to jail for about a year and a half-that should help you find the right one.