What do you guys think of this excerpt from Titus’ web site? I don’t know how the poor guy does it

“You corporate guys don’t have a clue one what it takes to achieve the kind of physique to win! 7am, cardio before eating (before eating, empty stomach, real great feeling in the morn) at 8am, tanning salon 8:30 - 9:00 am. !0:30 prepare and eat meal. 11:15am first training session. 12:30 post workout drink. 1pm prepare and eat meal. 2pm practice quarter turns and posing routine. 4pm prepare and eat meal. 4:30 - 6:00pm knapp if your lucky enough not to have to run errands or grocery shop or whatever in your daily normal life. 7pm prepare and eat meal. 8:30pm - 10pm second training session 11pm last meal bedtime. This all while eating say 150 grams of carbs. Sometimes I have to have my wife drive me to the gym because I cant think.”

That is one of the most retarded things I have ever read. What a freakin’ moron. What a life! I’m glad I’m not a pro bodybuilder. Not that his life is by any means hard, but because that seems like such a waste. Way too narcissistic for me.

All that for what? A damn Sandow trophy and couple of thousands of dollars?

yeah, that, and about 50 tons worth of anabolics, anti-catabolics and thermogenics. ooooohhhhh, cardio on an empty stomach. cry for me, roid boy. I lift at 6 am on an empty stomach during school quite often, due to schedule constraints(and fratboys filling the gym to the gills). try that one, big boy.
what, does he want us to feel sorry for him? Ill get right on that, right after I solve the unified theory of physics…

I agree with Nate. A Pro Bodybuilder’s life is way too narcissistic for anyone’s standards. It’s great that Titus has a beefed up body he can pose with, but what else can he do with his life. If bodybuilding was a sport we saw on TV like football, we’d be on our living room couches saying “whoa man! look at him eat that flank steak.” “Yeah, but can he pose?”

sounds to me like he whines too much. how about 6 am cario? and bummer, he doesn’t have to go sit at a desk for 8 hours. yeah, i’m sure his training is really intense, but give me a break. that’s like listening to models whine about their jobs…

Which hour does he take to shoot his juice and GH?

Here is my routine: Wake at 5:30AM and run 3 1/2 miles on empty stomach. Get ready for work drive one hour in stop and go traffic. Run/walk 4 flights of stairs. Eat protein/low carb breakfast. Work until around 11:15. Eat another high protein/low carb snack. Go to gym and workout. Return to work at 1:15 and run up 4 flights of stairs. Eat at desk. Work. Eat late afternoon high protein/low carb snack. Leave work at 5:30. 1 hour commute home. Walk/play with dogs. Make dinner or go shop for and make dinner. Watch TV and in bed by 10:00. Weekends include yard work/projects/errands/etc. Sorry, but I work very hard at maintaining my health and physique while holding down a job and taking care of my home. I would rather have a well balanced life rather than a ribbon or a trophy any day.

I am no Titus, but I survived 6 months on 1300 kCal diet working out 6 days per week doing 2 hours cardio, 6 weeks on less than 30 g carbs per day, 6 weeks of T-Dawg diet and 3,5 months on 140-145 g carbs per day. I still drive myself around and I believe I do some thinking ocasionally. Makes one wonder if his inability to think is really connected with his tough daily bodybuilding routine or something else. :slight_smile: Anyway, you forgot one thing - there are guys that insanely enjoy this lifestyle, pros are certainly among them. To each his own.

natedogg - who the f*** do you think you are criticizing how another person chooses to live his or her life? especially one who is trying to better himself, and set a new standard for his own performance? are you mad b/c you are small and fat? i admire craig’s dedication, and i’m sure that you couldn’t last a day in the shoes of a pro bodybuilder (you dont think it’s difficult? HA!!!). and i have news for you: and other sport, “narcissistic” or not, requires equal dedication in its own way. so are you saying that all athletes are wasting their time???

Awwwwwwwww. The poor guy! Eat and play all day long. Its a tough life but somebody has to do it and I guess Old Titazz is the one.

you’re joking, right Gade? The man lives his life like a damned zoo animal, and obviously isn’t much better than one if all he can do is whine about how tough he has it. It’s not like the SOB is working or anything. And I hardly see how one “betters” oneself by becoming a roided out monster with an intestine larger than king kong’s.

Titus forgot the parts of his schedule where he sells drugs, meets with his parole officer, makes some time with a rich gay guy so he can afford some more Nubain and this month’s GH supply, lifts some fake weights and gets fake sweat sprayed on him for the Flex photos and, oh yeah, takes all those steroids! (That part must be time consuming!) Face it, pro bodybuilders give weight training a bad name. Titus is one of the worst. Wonder if he still sells his used shoes and posing trunks on the internet? He used to do that.

Gade2001 - do you want to be or are you a pro BBer? I can’t imagine how or why else you could relate/sympathize with Titus.

I find this really amusing, people have to make fun of how someone makes a living. It just so happens that Craig’s business is his body, or bodybuilding, so that’s what consumes his time. A lot of dedicated professionals are the same way, regardless of their job. I do admit that his comment about “corporate guys” is stupid, though. If he was smarter he’d have meal replacements for he wouldnt have to cook, too.

LL - not like it should make a difference, but i am a national level bodybuilder. i admire craig’s and anyone’s dedication to get to the top of their chosen field, be it bbing, swimming, medicine, business or whatever.

Does anyone realize that guys like Titus are responsible for the dumb bodybuilder stereotype? Imagine his interview: Magazine: So, what do you do for a living? Titus: Ummm, I guess eat, lift dem weights, and flex my mighty pecs along wit a couple other guys on occasion. Yup, that would be it.

Thats why those interviews and articles are written by guys able to put a sentence together.

what a loser the guy is, all he ever does is bitch and whine, i think he’ll never grow up

Routine of coal miner: 5am – wake up; 5:30am – eat and leave the house without waking up kids or wife; 6am – go under ground; 6am to 12pm – avoid cave in, work ass off, try not to breath in toxic material; 12pm to 12:30; eat meal; 12:30pm to 7:30pm – see 6am to 12pm; 7:30 – go above ground; 7:30 to 9:00pm – wash up, eat dinner, cough up blood.

Where did you get that exerpt? It is not serious, is it?