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What Do You Guys Think of Powerfull?

Ive heard all good things on forums and with training partners so far, is it really a solid supplement to take? Is it also safe to take with energy supps such as Jack3d. Any bad side effects such as jitters, blood pressure spike, sleep loss.

Powerfull won’t give you any of the sides you listed. It is a GH enhancer. Take it before your workouts and before bed as these are the most important times for GH release. The Jack3d/Powerfull stack is the best pre w/o i’ve ever taken, although i’ve never tried the Anaconda protocol, but have been dying to. Powerfull will deff help with sleep quality. any other questions on their stuff feel free, i’m a big believer in their stuff and sell it in my store daily.

i really enjoyed jack3d but didnt notice a difference with or without powerfull. to each his own. jack3d is solid though.