What Do You Guys Think of ACE Training Certification?

I am working on getting my ACE but I’ve never listened to any American physiology guidelines and stuff. Most of my wisdom comes from Youtube guys or old school cats like Mark Rip. It’s hard for me to get motivated to study ACE bc it feels like I’m just memorizing the mainstream nonsense. How much respect do y’all give the knowledge of these mainstream certs?

Everything you study will come with a lot of stuff you might not agree with. Not the end of the world.

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Wouldn’t bother.

Get some real ones like ACSM or ISSA.

Jesus Christ, I REALLY hope your education program does something to help with this before you gets hands on a client.



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The cert itself I would give hardly any credit too. Meaning I wouldn’t trust a trainer because of a certification. I would trust them based on results with clients (things like does this guy injure his clients?, do they make progress?, can they reasonably justify claims they make?).

My understanding is the cert is good for not getting sued (I think you would need to follow the guidelines of the cert to get that protection).

I wouldn’t call YouTube as a form of education .

This. The cert doesn’t really matter - the most respected cert is the CSCS from NCSE, and Rip gave it up because he thought it was all booshit.

A cert is a cert. If you’re looking to work in a commercial gym, you’ll need something. Some gyms only take ACE. Some only take NASM.

I’ve had NASM before and I was studying for ACE when my company changed their guidelines (scumbag move of them, then I quit without taking it). In retrospect, following the stuff from these certs was the worst thing I did for my own training.

You and this meme lol

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ACE and NASM aren’t too bad for what they are. Heck, even college level Ex. Science classes will use NASM corrective ex. for their courses. From an anatomy and physiology standpoint they’re fine, and not far off from what you’d find in a bachelors level Ex. Science program. I’d throw all that stability and Bosu training out the window though. ACE goes a bit deeper into the softer skills of training and client retention. I’ve worked with some really great minds that had absolutely zero people skills. Conversely, one of the best trainers I know failed his NASM test 3x but his clients absolutely love him and he gets them results on the regular.