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What Do You Guys Like Most?


1) Food
2) Sleep
3) Sex
4) Working Out


Depends on time of day, my mood, my state of hunger, and state of lust.

Of course if sex was a forbidden activity, the other three items would seem meaningless. lol


I'd give my left arm for a week of uninterupted sleep.


Oh I like this question! These are all my most favouritest things in the world <3


  1. Working out

I can't decide on the rest, they're all second place (!)


High school girls. I get older, they stay the same age...alright, alright, alright


Steak and BJ

There is nothing better



That does sound good. I've only had about 5 solid nights of restful sleep in the past 20 years.


Well I suspect that you take too much Viagra

: )


1) dogs, they make me happy
2) eating
3) thinking and solving challenging problems
4) sex with someone who is good at it, though ive been on a dry spell this year.
5) being physically active, especially lifting, swimming, and wrestling.
6) reading things that educate me
7) drinking with my friends
8) accomplishing shit

Id like to get back into
1) modeling with clay - I used to do this as a kid
2) building UAVs - this might be on the horizon soon
3) get a good girlfriend, not shitty one
4) id like to learn to snow ski and snowboard, I know how to water ski but without a boat I cant do it anymore
5) im sure there are other things I cant think of.


1) Reading philosophy
2) Being stronger. The getting I can do without.
3) Writing
4) Skyrim. No matter how many new games I get, I keep coming back to this one.
5) Finding good deals on gym equipment/adding to my home gym


fixed 8) for you. (Yes i'm almost 60)




I see what you did there!


Sex. Life without a woman is VERY boring.


Definitely !

And with sex comes food then sleep


To be perfectly honest...

1) Sleep
2) Working Out
3) Food
4) Sex

Unless I actually get horny, which is not a constant state of existence for me but a sudden burst. I guess I'm more like a woman in this regard.

Other things I love doing are reading and music. God, I love music. For someone who's fairly good at it I suck at it - if that makes sense - but still.


Do you still find new quests from time to time? Last time I played this game was in 2013 or maybe earlier and I couldn't find anything to do, so I stopped playing.


You'll have to keep in mind that I usually get to play about 1 hour of video games a month, so there is still a lot for me to explore. But that said, it's more that I just like being able to explore: do the "go anywhere do anything" kind of thing, and Skyrim has a really big world for that. I really dug Oblivion too, but the leveling system did a good job of punishing you for developing skills unless you modded it, and since I'm playing on my Xbox it's not a real option.


Meh, life is what you make of it. Life with a woman can be boring too, though life with multiple women who don't know about each other rarely is...

Anyway, my choice would really depend on other factors (hunger, what type of food, sex partner, tiredness, etc). But generally, food, sex, and sleep would be the main contenders. Fuck sleep, that's what coffee is for.


This is a good simple topic that is surprisingly new here, I think.
(I'm not going to list loving friends and family and pets; that seems like a given)

  1. Reading
  2. Walking
  3. Laughing, I'm constantly in search of those suffocating, huge laughs
  4. Lifting
  5. Beer
  6. Pizza
  7. Star Trek
  8. Running on a hot day and then having beer
  9. Ice cream
  10. Sunsets. god I love them.