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What Do You Guys Foresee as the "New Norms"?

You are not wrong. Priest was the launchpad of heavy metal as we know it!

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Not at your pain, Brother…but your threat to cut a bitch without your mosh pit!


They are one of the 3 pillars of metal. The other 2 being Ozzy and Motörhead.

Edit: I had tickets to Motörhead for January of the year after Lemmy died, I’ve never gotten over it.

Edit: also, Ozzy cancelled his tour due to Pneumonia. If he catches the COVID, we’d all need to start praying.

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You youngsters must not remember the live version of Dazed and Confused from the Zep. Feel free to disregard the horrid violin bow portion, but otherwise👍


To place this in the realm of “new norm” economics.

Keep in mind that tours are the way the bands make their real money now.

(Let me see if I get this right from the mouth of Don Henley):

"It used to be that your Tour was to promote your album (where album sales was where you made the “big money”…

“Now, your album is used to promote your Tour…”

(NOTE: COVID-19 didn’t lead to this change this; but the advent of “free” music/downloading).


They closed the pub that Priest and Maiden started at in Leytonstone. That’s cultural vandalism.

Somehow I think Halford will be ok in his Phoenix mansion. Why do you Yankees keep stealing all our rockstars?

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As long as guys didn’t put all of their money up their nose and in their veins…and are lucky enough to still be alive…most should be okay financially.

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No question. The song is amazing, and Screaming for vengeance as an album is one of the most perfect heavy metal albums there is.

Lol! Rest assured, it is not a threat but a promise.

I’d say Iron Maiden has to be one of the pillars, bit I can’t fault your choices.

I was fortunate enough to be in the pit on his last full tour during mayhemfest…there is still video on YouTube where you can see the top of my head thrashing back and forth in theosh to Ace of spades. :joy:. It was definitely a bucket list item.

I was not privy to being alive at that moment in time sadly. But I have the track at the ready.

Speaking of new normal economics. Bruce Dickinson has developed a new model dirigible plane hybrid, and it could be a game changer for global shipping. An electric plane/dirigible, that can ship tonnes of goods on one full charge.

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You know the story about “Kickstart my Heart” right?


I’m a humongous Maiden fan. But when I say ‘pillar’ I mean foundational. Maiden are new wave of Brit heavy metal.

The 3 I mentioned are the OG’s.

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He is still my real-life candidate for “Most Interesting Man in the World”


No news has ever made me as angry. Actually, I tell a lie, the local Dublin pub of Michael Collins being turned into a trendy nightclub assaulted my soul.

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There is only one answer… Revolution!

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I went to his speaking tour not so long ago. Fascinating guy. Really funny too.

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No not really!

What’s the story?

I’d probably agree with that…to put it as one fan described hearing Maiden at the club for the first time, “it was like Priest only faster and more evil”

But they’re really damn close. OG as far as I am concerned

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‘Hallowed be thy name’ is, in my opinion, the greatest metal track ever recorded. I don’t like ‘Number of the beast’ as an album though.

Maiden have, to my mind, 2 all killer no filler albums. ‘Fear of the Dark’ and ‘somewhere in time.’

Edit: Powerslave and Killers are both also spectacular.

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