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What Do You Guys Foresee as the "New Norms"?

We don’t want that to happen as it would make it harder to take advantage of them. I know the US has in the past covertly backed right wing dictators but have we ever backed a liberal (not liberal by the Fox News definition) coup?

Something tells me SEC football will be up and running before Big 10 football.

After a quick search, the President of Auburn is committed. “We’re going to have football this fall.”

Conference officials are doing a final vote on May 22 to decide about opening up practice in June.

If Europe is any guide, games may be played behind closed doors.

By the mid-1980s US loans in FX currency were keeping Warsaw pact countries afloat.

Also, Bush Sr. tried to prevent the breakup of the USSR:

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All I know is if I have to live life without my mosh pits, imma cut a bitch.


Virtual medical appointments and court proceedings will be more common.

We will have smaller social circles, as we will get sort of ‘monogamous’ with less risk of wider disease transmission.

More people will work virtually from home, I know several of the placement coordinators at the staffing agency I use are doing so. As this becomes more common, more people will move out of higher real estate cost areas into surrounding areas. this should have the benefit of making renting or buying in the bigger cities more sane.

I got this from the Globe and Mail today, it is just that the article required me to sign up for a free account.

Definitely. I intend to limit myself as best as possible for my family, while also doing what I want to an extent.

Already heading this way before Covid.

As they should until this thing has a vaccine and is largely in the rearview.

Could be. NFL is going to make big money even without crowds via tv. They may try to have some type of crowd experiences maybe not first week but later on. That’s still a decent ways off and who knows how things will look in October.

I’m not sure. I think some type of internet PPV experience for some or just limiting crowds and spacing people at shows.

Just accelerating the general death of movie theaters. Again they can crowd control and space. I enjoy going to the movies but it’s not exactly a huge loss for a year or so. I’ll miss concerts or comedy clubs more.

I’m not sure about worsen. But I do think it won’t change for the better.

This is a given. Trumps confident in things he shouldn’t be and doesn’t understand and hasn’t had a humble bone in his body.

Same as now unless Republicans swing back control of all three branches. Prepare yourself for comments on reality tv, morning news shows, and some “no one knows more about this than me.”

I don’t think he has long term moves or ever has. If Limbaugh and Hannity are for something he’ll probably be for that. If he’s getting hammered by something he’ll flip around and then tell you he never supported the original position.


This is both funny (and pathetic!) at the same time, @Flatsfarmer.

There was one of these ESPN discussion shows (which I LOVE, by the way) talking about this very topic…and you had everybody from Coaches and Conference Heads to Ex athletes and pundits saying what should and should not be done…when somebody pointed our “Uh…you guys DO know that this decision is ultimately made by University Regents and/or Presidents, right?”

It just illustrated the point that we all already knew…the Football Coaches can wield far more influence and power than the University President. (E.g. I had to Google the President of the University of Alabama, Stuart Bell? I didn’t have to Google the Football Coach…!)



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I think I did see some excerpts from a Soccer Game? How is it working out?

OUR UK friends can certainly give more insights on this; but it seems like Soccer is so intertwined with these communities very identities (not to mention economic stability) that Soccer without the fans would be almost impossible to pull off? Could/should it be tried?


I’m with you, @Hfactor.

I would not say that I am a regular movie goer, but look at it more as a special event. I will also look at some movies as a “must-see” at least once on the Big Screen. (Usually some blowing-shit-up-Blockbuster/Sci-Fi). I will rarely go to the movies for say an “artsy” film or something with little special effects as its basis. Maybe on a date-night or something, which is cool).

My point is, I can go a year or so without going to a movie theater.

I do see more and more direct releases to streaming as a possible “new norm”.

“New norm”?

Flying will be more of a pain-in-the-ass than it already is.

(Do any of you actually enjoy flying these days?) I do it because I have to.

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Sad. It feels so overwhelmingly sad.

The players themselves said it feels depressing because there’s no immediate feedback from the stands.

The highlights you’ve seen were most likely from the Borussia - Schalke game.

This is how Borussia games usually look like:

Dear God no.

Incidentally, football (I refuse to use the s-word) will probably be saved by the “most hated man in football”, Dietmar Hopp, founder of SAP and more recently CureVac, one of the candidates for a Covid-19 vaccine.

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You laugh, but I’ve got tickets to Megadeth/Lamb of God, and I WILL complete my “Four Horsemen” bucket list. Not to mention the other usual suspects I love to see :joy:

Saw Megadeth in Denver maybe 85/86.
First mosh pit I ever saw.

35 years ago? Duuuuuude…

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I am SUPER jealous. I’ve seen Anthrax and Slayer both multiple times, but they’re my favorite of the big 4.

Saw Anthrax around same period.
Was a pretty active crowd, ha.
Mid to late 80s.

Edit related

I came across this a couple of months ago. Had forgotten l owned it.
Wife was not exactly thrilled.



Even the nominally green European countries are just outsourcing their carbon to other countries. Closing your coal plants and ending up dependent on Gazprom? That’s a sucker move.

I had tickets for Judas Priest this year. Someone better encase Halford in carbonite, because if Priest takes another loss, I will go on a rampage.

Glen Tipton’s Parkinson’s has gotten real bad, and it’s a tragic loss.

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I don’t know why not…it’s a classic!!