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What Do You Guys Foresee as the "New Norms"?

Seat Belt

(Picture of something that while STILL not accepted by everyone, became a “New Norm” along with non-smoking in most Public Places).

2/3 of the U.S. States are loosening restrictions and beginning to “open up”. It simply was, and is, inevitable. If not, things were at the very beginning of exploding.

What do you guys see as some “new norms” that you keep hearing so much about? I’ll start with some thoughts.

  1. For the foreseeable future (say a year or so or more); things will be “risk stratified” and people will have to make their own decisions based on those risk. Eg. a crowded Sports Bar or Commercial Flying may be “High Risk”, while Mountain Hiking “Low risk” (in terms of COVID-19).

  2. Take-out and Door Delivery will stay much more of a norm, and less and less businesses will continue to not take cash. (the Chick-fil-A near my work now takes NO cash at all. I’m sure the apocalyptic Religionist are loving this trend, as a “sign-of-the-times” and all. By the way; the Chick-fil-A ownership are devout Christians).

  3. Safety ID protocols in high risk places like nursing homes and meat packing plants will most likely be continued and even fortified.

  4. In terms of large events like the NFL; I think you will see in the foreseeable future crowds that are limited as they morph into some weird, almost futuristic TV events. UFC has shown that it “works”?; but what about events that hold 100,000 people…and what about College?

  5. Concerts have me shaking my head. I really have no idea. Will they become more Pay-per-view TV events? What about movies? Again; I am at a loss.

  6. The Political Divide that couldn’t even bring us together during this Crisis will only worsen.

  7. Trump will come out of it all battered but as confident and as narcissistic as ever. I don’t even have a guess what 4 more years of an unbridled and lame-duck Trump will bring.

Okay. Hopefully I gave you all some meat to start with.

(And this IS A topic that I view as being ripe for going “off topic”. I hope it does. And Trump as the “leader” of the Free World is a central figure in all this. So trying to calculate his moves is fair-game in this thread).

So…what do you see as the “New Norms” we may be faced with?

The 6-foot distance/One-Way marked floor is now yours.

  1. An economic shift to less dependence on other countries.
  2. Wealthier moving to more rural areas.
  3. Less people working in offices.
  4. More and more and more debt justified by the forced shutdown.
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This is an interesting one, @dchris.

If our politicians don’t give a HARD look at what is essential manufacturing and/or manufacturing that by definition is an integral part of an essential supply chain; and don’t move it back to the U.S.; they are more stupid than I thought.

We got caught with out pants down on this one, with China holding the lube.

We simply can’t let this happen again.

I’m gonna start wearing my mask in the car from now on.

Are they still on about that? Damn! :joy:

Them MAC cards were the number of the beast back when. Like, if you had a MAC card on your way to an Ozzy Osborne concert, you’re basically Satan.

Broadly, people giving into fear. More laws, more debt, less freedom.


Dude, I brought my son to a park today and 50% of people had masks on. Outside, in their cars, young, old, it was bizarre! Felt like a twilight zone episode.

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It’s counter to the economic policy we were all taught growing up, about reducing cost by any means.

I’d really like to see us stop outsourcing natural gas to Russia, which doesn’t have the same regulations we have here. Becoming energy independent is a big piece of this. I’m all for reducing fossil fuel usage, but we need a realistic plan and not allowing in the US to only import from other countries is a mistake.


The US is a very huge producer of natural gas. What are you talking about?

I was at 2 grocery stores and 1 Walmart and it appeared to be 100% compliance.

As I mentioned in another thread, I hate being crowded by people, especially in check outs. I MUCH prefer the social distance thing, especially there.

Has anybody seen anything floating around about opening up large sporting events and/or concerts?

The VERY year that I finally decide that I am going to either Ohio State/Michigan or Alabama/Auburn…this happens! (That’s what I get for procrastinating!)


This reminded me of something, @SkyzykS.

It was the irony or all ironies that while Ronald Reagan was somehow ushering in a Christian religious revival… at the same time some of these Apocalyptic Religionist could point out in detail; using both his name and some weird combination of numbers; that in fact Reagan was “the Beast”.

That’s because he was one of those Hollywood commies who infiltrated the government and worked his way to the highest office in the land so he could work his evil from the top down.

And that was Before the internetz. Back when it was just ads in periodicals and envelopes/pamphlets!


It certainly happened after 9/11.

There is no reason to think that it won’t happen again.


Don’t forget Cable and Satellite TV!

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While I don’t think mask will be a permanent fixture, I do think that they will be around for some time.

You know we Americans! Once we can make something a cool fashion accessory; we are hooked!

Before this get lost; I just wanted to ask it again:

Has anybody seen anything floating around about opening up large sporting events and/or concerts?

The VERY year that I finally decide that I am going to either Ohio State/Michigan or Alabama/Auburn… this happens! (That’s what I get for procrastinating!)

Bought tickets to Rammstein a year in advance and it isn’t looking good. It’s probably going to be canceled. August in Foxboro.

Yep…seeing a LOT of “kicking-the-can-down-road” with cancellations; but no true blueprints on how large events will be brought back.

Perfectly stated, and I hate that it took a pandemic to push is in that direction. We keep having to learn the hard way that trade with countries that aren’t on our side in terms of values and interests is not worth the risk and no, our trade with them will not “liberalize” their politics and convert them to liberal democracy over time.

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I think that was just a nice story people needed to be able to tell themselves to justify it, like there’s some invisible upside waiting to materialize down the road.

“I buy crack off of that guy because his kids need shoes, not because I like crack…”. :joy:

“Third world countries need dollar an hour factories so that eventually they become civilized like us and buy Suburbans and Missiles.”.