What do you guys do when your hungry?

I know this seem to be a bit silly, but since i’m delerious from hunger, i figured I’d go ahead and ask away.

At some time or another, it comes that God-awful time to melt away the fat. We get used to eating 3500+ calories a day, and love every minute of it (especially those very rare and special days in which the Grand China Buffet is scared shitless because we won’t leave and it’s 4 am; it wouldn’t be so bad if we hadn’t gotten there at noon).

But once we put on the target mass and the body fat calipers widen a wee bit too much… what do we do? WE DIET HARDCORE STYLE, as all good t-men and t-vixens should.

I’m kinda tired of dieting. It sucks, unfortunately i only have time to work out at night =( which makes my eating habits kinda outta whack. Cuz my body SCREAMS for food after i workout.

I was wondering, what do you guys do when your hungry? When you hear that little devil in your earhole screaming, ONE MORE (yolkless)EGG IS A-OKAY…

I tend to shove my piehole full of lettuce and water.

Just wanted to know what y’all do when those pangs finally find their way to your brain, and in my case - when stuff finds its way to my mouth.

JonJon, I belong to the school of thought that believes the body should be fed PWO. PWO is the only time I eat starchy carbs.

Eat to hit numbers. Eat an appropriate amount of protein (LBM x 1.5g Protein) divided between whatever number of meals you eat per day. At least 6, right? Provide your body with a steady stream of nutrients throughout the day. Run low(er) on calories and carbs on days you don’t work out. Eat sufficient carbs on days you do work out.

Even though you’re used to eating more calories, if you reduce your caloric intake sufficiently but not too drastically, you shouldn’t be ravenously hungry. Your body is trying to send you a message.

If you keep a food log, give us an idea of your TBW, LBM, BF% and your protein, carb and fat intake per day.

One last thing. After you finish a bulking cycle, you should not immediately jump into a cutting cycle. You should do a maintenance cycle of about 2 or 3 weeks. You need to determine what your new maintenance calories are.

At that point you should create a deficit of 250 calories less than maintenance. When weight loss stops, you have a choice of picking up activity levels a bit (cardio) or reducing calories by another 250 calories.

It sounds like you went straight from a bulking cycle at high calories, right into a cutting cycle with an overly severe caloric deficit.

Provide me with a little more info, and I’d be glad to take a look at what you’re doing and share my thoughts.

I know it is not in direct response to your question but in regards to one of the finer points of your post.

Having another eggwhite is ALWAYS okay in my book. 20 calories, yeah, but since when are you going to fret over 20 calories from a great protien source? Hell, eat 2 egg whites and don’t be tempted to eat something less attractive later. Dieting is about NOT being hungry, it is about eating often enough that your metabolism stays high, enough that you don’t feel like your starving (because if you have hunger pangs, your metabolism is crawling), and burning some extra calories with heightened activity levels. Don’t cut too drastically, anything over 500 calories I would stay away from and if you are less than 500 under maintenance and you are spreading your meails, the hunger shouldn’t be bad at all. Best of luck :slight_smile: J.

I agree with everything TT has stated as usual and would like to simply hit on one or two good points here.

That point being the feeding the body after your w/o.

This is the best time to grub down. I have and do keep as much as 1/3 of my daily K/cal intake for my first meal PWO. During cutting this can be a major help. It gives you one good sized meal during the day and you know most of it is going to where it needs to. To feed those muscles that you are trying to preserve/grow.

Keep that food log, track everything and feed those starving muscles. As well Great advice on the switching from a biulk to cut and is to often overlooked. PPl simply want to cut NOW. You must take a little time. I konw It can be hard, I got one of those times approaching fast.


well, i’ll tell ya what i eat in a given day:

5 am - double shot of ON protein - with a dash of sugar free metamucil, 1/4th cup of high fiber sunflower seeds.

  • 53 g protein, 7 g (net; minus fiber of course) carbs, 17 g fat

8 am - can o’tuna, 1 oz cheddar cheese, two tablespoons of sunflower seeds.

  • 42.5 g protein, 1.5 g carbs, 18.75 g fat

10 am - can o’chicken (sweet sue, good stuff), 1/4th cup of sunflower seeds.

  • 38.5 g protein, 3 g carbs, 17 g fat

NOON!!! - go to kroger and weigh out a pound of salad. no dressing, alot of baby spinach and ice berg lettuce. Right at one chicken breast worth of shredded (boiled) chicken, dash of shredded cheddar, cucumbers, one cherry tomato, few slices onions. splash of vinegar (atleast 20 grams - slows down digestion, makes the carbs turn into glycogen, or so i think…)

  • approx - 35g protein, 15ish g carbs, 5g fat

3:00 can o’tuna

  • 32 g protein, 0 carbs, 1.25 g fat

6:00 grilled chicken breast, 1/3rd of a can of green beans.

  • 35g protein, 3.5g carbs, 12 g fat.

Now somewhere through out this day add 6 boiled eggs (5 whites, one whole)

i’ll add more later. gotta jet for now.

a tablespoon or two of flax + fish oil makes me feel full… i use that even more now since im cutting some of this fat off… works great

JonJon, why do you stop eating at 6:00 pm? The fact that you’re eatin 6 meals is good, and I see you’re getting protein every meal. Good, healthy food choices, too.

When do you work out, and what does your PWO nutrition look like?

What’s your weight and BF%? I have a feeling you’re not eating enough.

Some type of veggie in a good amount with your 8am and 3pm tuna will help keep you feeling full also. get some broccili or something easy to take with you.


sorry guys i’ve been away for a bit.

let’s see here…

I usually eat something very small after 6:00, coupl’a egg whites or something cuz i try to go to bed around 8:00.

getting up at 4:00 am sucks.

um… i’m 160lbs. 7% bodyfat (according to the YMCA impedence analyzer)

i look at myself in the mirror and disagree, i personally think that i am around 9%, but being under 10% kicks arse either way.

I do feel that i have lost too much muscle on this diet, so rather than try and correct the wrongs i’m gonna go ahead and keep doing what i’m doing.


  1. i grow mass EXTREMELY easy. fat and muscle grow on me like a fat boy runs to cake.

  2. I have the knowledge to severely limit the amount of fat that i put on during my next growth stage

  3. If i get super shredded, despite the loss in muscle (maybe 5-10lbs), at a very low body fat percentage, especially with my body’s natural ability to pack on mass, i will be able to add additional mass rather quickly.

i need to attach pics, i think i look pretty good right now.

toodles, stuff to do, more comments later.

lil jon, i think you just offended all of the fat people on the forum with that cake comment…

jk :slight_smile:

when do you get hungry? only after you workout? and, maybe i missed it but when in that list of time/food do you workout? i dont even see a big amount of carbs for one meal that would indicate your PWO meal/shake…

ok peace

What do I do? I eat…

(Oh c’mon…I bet there were dozens of you who thought the same thing when you read that…okay, break’s over, back to more knowledgable people giving you helpful advice with real information…)

To answer your question directly, try downing a large cup of coffee. This always curbs my appetite.

160lbs 10% bf, hell why even do a cutting cycle unless your 5 foot 1.
Or are you looking to be a mens health model?

[quote]T-Quinn wrote:
160lbs 10% bf, hell why even do a cutting cycle unless your 5 foot 1.
Or are you looking to be a mens health model?[/quote]

modelling would be great =)

howdy, been a while since i last posted…

um… let’s see here, i usually lift around 4:00 p.m. and in response to the no carb statement, on top of what i’ve eaten through out the day, add a 40g dextrose/maltodextrin + 30g protein shake immediately following workout.

on the weekends, i eat a few extra calories with 50% comming from low GI carbs as a carb up - i’ve found out recently that with cheat meals my body fat lowers much easily - dunno why though - increased t3 maybe? i thought that was just hype.

just bought a new bodyfat impedence tester + bathroom scale.

told me that i was at 9.0% yet… but i weigh more than i did last week! i think that the carbing up has allowed me to pack on a little bit of mass even! (the carbing up is a new thing)

once again i must go for another undeterminable amount of time, please respond with any ideas that you guys may have.

oooooohhhh and on a side note. i’m falling in love with raw broccoli. as well as califlower. can someone tell me about the nut.facts. on CF?