What Do You Guys Do When You Can’t Get It Up?

Say you have a pituitary rumor, and you’ve already decided that this is the year you’re reclaiming your sex life. Thanks to TRT there’s hope, but there are still ups and downs.

And then you meet a girl you start to like.

The first time, nothing happened. The second time, you fucked her brains out. The third time, you went soft halfway. She’s been super understanding, and you still fool around and go down on her. And you haven’t had morning wood in a couple of weeks for some reason, but it’s getting better (slowly). You’ve explained there’s a medical reason, and she’s been curious and rooting for you. You stay confident, and know that if she can’t handle a couple weeks for a legitimate reason like this, then she won’t be able to handle other challenges later in life. But still, she seems like a catch.

What else can you do?

Have you tried banging her brains out?

Well, if you are me, you worry and obsess about it until it becomes an all encompassing mental loop which takes months and months to get out of and almost ruins your relationship… I really don’t recommend this route.

Sometimes physical / hormonal issues become mental issues. It’s your job to figure out which one you are dealing with. If you are worrying about it even before beginning the act, then it’s in your head and that’s probably the issue. If that’s the case, you are in a good place having an understanding girl. I worked through it with an (eventually) patient and understanding wife, some visualization and meditation (there are some good ones on youtube) and the understanding that every time isn’t perfect and that’s ok. Now after 6 months plus of issues, I seem to be past it. If it’s mental, just relax and tell yourself it’s no big deal (this is absolutely the most important part) and use the your other skills to get the job done. Eventually with the pressure off, you will relax and get back to business. The mind is a powerful thing. If it’s hormonal, others here will help more than me. Good luck.


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Lol yes the first time

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Appreciate the encouraging words man. Maybe it is stress, who knows. It doesn’t even phase me that much, I just want to get it fixed. It’s frustrating and annoying more than embarrassing.

How old are you?

This happens often for many reasons. Lately more and more men are having this issue because they are having too much sex with themselves, watching porn and etc

If the erection was occurring and then stopped; the body simply needs time to heal.

Sex is better the longer we wait anyways. No fap is a thing and it has helped many men .

Simple things like the smell of a woman will turn us on. Her hair and so forth.

So many guys think that once they get on TRT they will be Superman. Furthest from the truth. You will have better qualify everything form sleep to working out to sex. Sometimes the body simply needs rest and it’s obvious when this is needed.

Listen to your body and don’t force it. It only makes things worse: trust me I did it and regretted it for a couple years in my 20s

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How long have you been on TRT and is your doctor giving you a good dose .Or is he treating lab ranges and not symptoms ?

Try this. I bet it fixes your issues especially since she’s understanding. See her one night and agree beforehand that you aren’t going to have sex. You’re going to kiss, do whatever but nothing involving your penis. Take the stress of expectations for you to perform off the plate. Focus on pleasing her. Learn her body and what she really likes. Experiment with her. Take this time to find out what her fantasies are by talking to her and seeming very interested in what she’s into (what mental things really stimulate her). Place the focus on her. The more she tells you about herself the more she will feel a sexual connection to you that she may have never had with another guy. At some point things will happen naturally especially when you take that pressure off to get hard at a specific time and you’ll be confident that you can blow her mind since you know what she’s into.


Get more healthy fat in your diet.

Take ZMA before bed.

If you’re waking up in the middle of the night, eat something before bed, after you’ve taken the ZMA.



Actually been avoiding porn and jerking off for a while, especially porn. Or I try to minimize it, I should say. I love the wait, and my ex did too - she found that I was much more into her that way.

I will admit, this whole ordeal has left me with a sort of sex PTSD. But then it flips, I’m great, and I feel unstoppable.


Second time I’ll say this to one of your posts…this guy fucks.

Smart words my man

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I’d find out if it was true first. Unfounded rumors can ruin lives. Especially pituitary rumors.


I try to spread out my evenings with women. Proper hydration, and no alcohol usually helps. Sometimes on first dates I pop a 20mg Sildenafil



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so how long have you been on trt? what type of levels does your doctor have you. I am thinking you just need time man. you need to give TRT time to really work and heal the body and produce its effects. After 6-9 months you feel even better. Im at 1.2 years and I feel great. it got better every month after month 6/7. Patience man.

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Hey man, my bad I missed your reply earlier. Been on it about 8 months. Some ups and downs, most of the downs related to AI use.

My levels have been creeping up on their own (basically) so waiting to see where they were last week on 150mg/week. I seem to lose some erectile function as I get close to 1000, not entirely sure why.

If you haven’t already, look into some microdoses of sildenafil. When I have something planned, I usually keep some in my shirt pocket in case I need it. Then I can do my thing while I wait for it to kick in.

kMan, I understand you and I have been there.

My advice is if you really like this girl try to fix temporarily your issue with cialis or viagra at least for 3-4 times and destroy her from fucking.In the mean time try to connect to a really knowledgeable doctor to optimize your stuff finally.

No matter what emotional connection you build up with this girl, if you do not fuck her properly this is a huge disappointment with her, except if she has sexual issues on her own. Women love sex more than men in most cases although they would do everything possible to hide that.Women are led entirely by their emotions and logic always comes second.

Every time I failed to fuck a girl properly I was ditched after that for some reason. And every time I did it right except only one case the girls started to like me a lot and she was very tolerable towards all my other flaws and things she didnt like in me. You can be shocked how much a woman can justify your shitty behavior if she really likes you. And if you manage to bring her to orgasm 2-3 times most likely this girl will at least start to like you really much.

I know many people would not agree to that, but this is what my experience points.

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Way way off here bro.